Forthcoming Titles in Science and Technology, 2018

A list of the latest and soon-to-be-released publications through February 2019.

[Ed. Note: Bibliographic data is supplied by publishers and includes anticipated release date, price, and ISBN. Estimated prices and release dates are followed by an “e.” Release dates, prices, and titles are subject to change. This list does not represent titles reviewed in Choice, but many of them will be reviewed throughout the year as they are released.]

Astronomy & Astronautics

The Astronomers’ Magic Envelope: An Introduction to Astrophysics Emphasizing General Principles and Orders of Magnitude, by Prasenjit Saha and Paul A. Taylor. Oxford University Press, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9780198816461 $55.00; pbk ISBN 9780198816478 $25.94; ebook ISBN 9780192548450 $24.98 

Astronomy Activity & Laboratory Manual, by Alan W. Hirshfeld. 2nd ed. Jones & Bartlett Learning, Dec. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781284113747 $50.95 

Gravitational Waves, Volume 2: Astrophysics and Cosmology, by Michele Maggiore. Oxford University Press, Apr. 2018. ISBN 9780198570899 $75.00; ebook ISBN 9780191074479 $74.98

In Quest of the Universe, by Theo Koupelis. 8th ed. Jones & Bartlett Learning, Dec. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781284113334 $139.94; ebook ISBN 9781284113341 $139.94 

Into the Extreme: U.S. Environmental Systems and Politics beyond Earth, by Valerie Olson. University of Minnesota Press, May. 2018. ISBN 9781517902544 $87.50; pbk ISBN 9781517902551 $25.00; ebook ISBN 9781452957074 $25.00 

Safely to Earth: The Men and Women Who Brought the Astronauts Home, by Jack Clemons. University Press of Florida, Sep. 2018. ISBN 9780813056029 $24.94


The Biology of Agroecosystems, by Nicola Randall and Barbara Smith. Oxford University Press, Dec. 2018. ISBN 9780198737520 price not yet set; pbk ISBN 9780198737537 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9780191057298 price not yet set

The Biology of Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems, by Karen J. Esler, Anna L. Jacobsen, and R. Brandon Pratt. Oxford University Press, May. 2018. ISBN 9780198739135 $105.00; pbk ISBN 9780198739142 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9780191059650 $39.99 

Fire Ecology of Florida and the Southeastern Coastal Plain, by Reed F. Noss. University Press of Florida, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9780813056715 $70.00

Krasner’s Microbial Challenge: A Public Health Perspective, 4th ed. Jones & Bartlett Learning, Nov. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781284139181 $149.94; ebook ISBN 9781284139198 $149.94 

Low Dose Radiation: The History of the U.S. Department of Energy Research Program, by Antone L. Brooks. Washington State University Press, May. 2018. pbk ISBN 9780874223545 $39.95 


Flora of Florida, Volume V: Dicotyledons, Gisekiaceae through Boraginaceae, by Richard P. Wunderlin, Bruce F. Hansen, and Alan R. Franck. University Press of Florida, May. 2018. ISBN 9780813056791 $69.95 

Grasses of Florida, by David W. Hall. University Press of Florida, Jan. 2019. ISBN 9780813056050 $75.00

Chemistry & Physics

Aperiodic Crystals: From Modulated Phases to Quasicrystals: Structure and Properties, by Ted Janssen, Gervais Chapuis, and Marc de Boissieu. 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, Aug. 2018. pbk ISBN 9780198824442 price not yet set

Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy, by Olah et al. 3rd ed. Wiley, Jul. 2018. pbk ISBN 9783527338030 $50.00 

Catalysis from A to Z – A Concise Encyclopedia, by Cornils et al. 5th ed. Wiley, Oct. 2018. ISBN 9783527343119 $1075.00 

Cucurbiturils Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry and Applications, by Kimoon Kim et al. World Scientific Publishing, Sep. 2018. ISBN 9781848164086 $106.00

Early Drug Development – Bringing a Preclinical Candidate to the Clinic, by Giordanetto and Holenz. Wiley, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9783527341498 $405.00

The Equations of Life: How Physics Shapes Evolution, by Charles S. Cockrell. Basic Books, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9781541617599 $32.00; ebook ISBN 9781541644595 $32.00 

From Micro to Macro: Adventures of a Wandering Physicist, by Vlatko Vedral. World Scientific Publishing, May. 2018. ISBN 9789813229518 $58.00; pbk ISBN 9789813231405 $28.00

Furfural: An Entry Point of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Renewable Chemicals, Polymers, and Biofuels, by Manuel López Granados, David Martín Alonso. World Scientific Publishing, May. 2018. ISBN 9781786344861 $98.00

Handbook of Boron Chemistry in Organometallics, Catalysis, Materials and Medicine, ed. by Narayan S Hosmane and Robert Eagling. World Scientific Publishing, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9781786344410 $1288.00

Industrial Chemistry of Oxides for Emerging Applications, by Lech Pawlowski and Philippe Blanchart. Wiley, May. 2018. ISBN 9781119423621 $175.00

International Tables for Crystallography – 6th Edition, 9 Vol Set, by C.P. Brock. Wiley, Dec. 2018. ISBN 9781119468707 price not yet set

Introduction to the Theory of Complex Systems, by Stefan Thurner. Oxford University Press, Dec. 2018. ISBN 9780198821939 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9780192555076 price not yet set

Molecular Technology, 3 Volumes, by Hisashi Yamamoto, Takashi Kato. Wiley, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9783527341696 price not yet set

Multilayer Networks: Structure and Function, by Ginestra Bianconi. Oxford University Press, Sep. 2018. ISBN 9780198753919 $75.00; ebook ISBN 9780191068508 $74.98

Persistent Toxic Substances Monitoring: Nanoelectrochemical Methods, by Huang. Wiley, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9783527344000 price not yet set

Schrödinger’s Mechanics: An Interpretation, by David B Cook. World Scientific Publishing, May. 2018. ISBN 9781786344908 $75.00

Solid State Chemistry, Advanced Edition, by Anthony R. West. 2nd ed. Wiley, Nov. 2018. ISBN 9781118447444 price not yet set

Solved Problems in Classical Electromagnetism: Analytical and numerical solutions with comments, by J. Pierrus. Oxford University Press, Oct. 2018. ISBN 9780198821915 price not yet set; pbk ISBN 9780198821922 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9780192555045 price not yet set

Springer Handbook of Materials Data, ed. by Warlimont. Springer, Aug. 2018. ISBN 9783319697413 $299.00; ebook ISBN 9783319697437 price not yet set

Understanding Voltammetry, by Richard G Compton and Craig E Banks. 3rd ed. World Scientific Publishing, Aug. 2018. ISBN 9781786345264 $128.00

Earth Sciences

Geological Carbon Storage: Subsurface Seals and Caprock Integrity, by Vialle et al. Wiley, Jan. 2019. ISBN 9781119118640 price not yet set

Global Flood Hazard: Applications in modeling, mapping and forecasting, by Schumann et al. Wiley, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9781119217862 $169.94

Pre-earthquake Processes: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Earthquake Prediction Studies, by Ouzounov et al. Wiley, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9781119156932 $199.94 

Quantifying Uncertainty in Subsurface Systems, by Scheidt et al. Wiley, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9781119325833 $189.94

Split by Sun: The Tragic History of the Sustainocene, by Tom Faunce. World Scientific Publishing, May. 2018. ISBN 9781786345059 $85.00


Biomedical Fluid Mechanics: Flow and Form, by Troy Shinbrot. Oxford University Press, Aug. 2018. ISBN 9780198812586 price not yet set; pbk ISBN 9780198812593 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9780192542298 price not yet set

Building Codes Illustrated: A Guide to Understanding the 2018 International Building Code, by Ching and Winkel. 6th ed. Wiley, Jun. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781119480358 $65.00 

Dead in the Water: Global Lessons from the World Bank’s Model Hydropower Project in Laos, ed. by Bruce Shoemaker and William Robichaud. University of Wisconsin Press, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9780299317904 $79.95; ebook ISBN 9780299317935 $99.95 

Eco-Cities: Scenarios for Innovation and Sustainability, by Ciumasu. Springer, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9783319147017 $129.00; ebook ISBN 9783319147024 $99.00 

Encyclopedia of Renewable Energy, by Speight and Lee. Wiley, Dec. 2018. ISBN 9781119363675 price not yet set

Enzyme Reactor Engineering: Principles and Applications, by F. Xavier Malcata. Wiley, Dec. 2018. ISBN 9781119998969 $365.00

Functional Materials from Lignin Methods and Advances, by Xian Jun Loh et al. World Scientific Publishing, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9781786345202 $108.00

Linear and Non-Linear Continuum Solid Mechanics, by S. Hernandez; A.N. Fontan. WIT Press, Apr. 2018. ISBN 9781784662714 $174.00; ebook ISBN 9781784662721 $174.00 

Materials Chemistry, by Fahlman. Springer, Aug. 2018. ISBN 9789402412536 $129.00; ebook ISBN 9789402412550 price not yet set

New Challenges of Biomedical Engineering, by Piemonte et al. Wiley, May. 2018. ISBN 9781119296041 $180.00

Percolation Theory in Reservoir Engineering, by Peter R King and Mohsen Masihi. World Scientific Publishing, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9781786345233 $118.00

Petroleum Engineering: Principles, Calculations and Workflows, by Moshood Sanni. Wiley, Dec. 2019. ISBN 9781119387947 price not yet set

Practical Pharmaceutical Engineering, by Gary Prager. Wiley, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9780470410325 price not yet set

The Robot in the Next Cubicle: What You Need to Know to Adapt and Succeed in the Automation Age, by Larry Boyer. Prometheus Books, Aug. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781633884090 $19.00; ebook ISBN 9781633884106 $11.99 

Robotics, by Mihelj. Springer, May. 2018. ISBN 9783319729107 $99.00 


At Least Know This: Essential Science to Enhance Your Life, by Guy P. Harrison. Prometheus Books, Jul. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781633884052 $19.00; ebook ISBN 9781633884069 $11.99

Food and Drink – Good Manufacturing Practice: A Guide to Its Responsible Management (GMP7), by Louise Manning. 7th ed. Wiley, Jul. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781119388449 price not yet set

Functional Foods and Beverages: In Vitro Assessment of Nutritional, Sensory and Safety Properties, by Bordenave and Ferruzzi. Wiley, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9781118733295 price not yet set

The Handy Forensic Science Answer Book, by Patricia Barnes-Svarney and Thomas E. Svarney. Visible Ink Press, Sep. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781578596218 $21.94; ebook ISBN 9781578596812 $19.98

Neurotechnology and the End of Finitude, by Michael Haworth. University of Minnesota Press, May. 2018. ISBN 9781517903312 $108.00; pbk ISBN 9781517903329 $27.00; ebook ISBN 9781452956459 $27.00 

Health Sciences

The Artist’s Complete Health and Safety Guide, by Monona Rossol, ed. by Chamois Holschuh. 4th ed. Allworth Press, Jan. 2019. ISBN 9781621536123 $34.99; ebook ISBN 9781621536178 $34.99 

Arylamine N-acetyltransferases in Health and Disease from Pharmacogenetics to Drug Discovery and Diagnostics, by Nicola Laurieri and Edith Sim. World Scientific Publishing, May. 2018. ISBN 9789813232006 $118.00

Atlas of Breast Cancer Surgery, by Ahn. Springer, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9783642452956 $169.00 

A Canadian Healthcare Innovation Agenda: Policy, Governance, and Strategy, by A. Scott Carson and Kim Richard Nossal. McGill-Queen’s University Press, Apr. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781553395294 $39.95

Debating Modern Medical Technologies: The Politics of Safety, Effectiveness, and Patient Access, by Karen J. Maschke and Michael K. Gusmano. Praeger, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9781440861895 $48.00; ebook ISBN 9781440861901 price not yet set

Electromyography in Clinical Practice, by Bashar Katirji. 3rd ed. Oxford University Press, Oct. 2018. ISBN 9780190603434 $145.00 

ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, by Cam et al. 3rd ed. Oxford University Press, Aug. 2018. ISBN not set yet $320.00 

Fault Lines of Care, by Carina Heckert. Rutgers University Press, Apr. 2018. pbk ISBN 9780813586908 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9780813586922 $34.95 

Financing Universal Access to Healthcare: A Comparative Review of Landmark Legislative Health Reforms in the OECD, by Alexander S Preker. World Scientific Publishing, May. 2018. ISBN 9789813227163 $138.00

Finding Einstein’s Brain, by Frederick E. Lepore. Rutgers University Press, Apr. 2018. ISBN 9780813580395 $27.94; ebook ISBN 9780813580401 $27.94

Functional MRI, by Ramachandran Ramani. Oxford University Press, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9780190297763 $149.94

Handbook of Obesity Treatment, by Thomas A. Wadden and George A. Bray. 2nd ed. Guilford Press, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9781462535569 $95.00; ebook ISBN $95.00 

Headache Syndromes (Oxford Textbooks in Clinical Neurology), by Ferrari. Oxford University Press, Dec. 2018. ISBN 9780198724322 $160.00; ebook ISBN 9780191036361 price not yet set

Health and Wellness, by Gordon Edlin and Eric Golanty. 13th ed. Jones & Bartlett Learning, Jul. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781284144130 $190.94 

Human Metabolism: A Regulatory Perspective, by Keith Frayn. 4th ed. Wiley, Jan. 2019. pbk ISBN 9781119331438 price not yet set

Invasive Studies of the Human Epileptic Brain, by Lhatoo, Kahane, and Luders. Oxford University Press, Aug. 2018. ISBN 9780198714668 $250.00

Landscapes of Activism, by Joel Christian Reed. Rutgers University Press, Jul. 2018. pbk ISBN 9780813596693 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9780813596716 $34.95 

Minimally Invasive Gynecology: An Evidence Based Approach, by Gomes-da-Silveira. Springer, May. 2018. ISBN 9783319725918 $109.00; ebook ISBN 9783319725925 price not yet set

The NeuroTrauma Textbook, by Dr. Kevin Wang. Oxford University Press, Oct. 2018. ISBN 9780190279431 $165.00

Nutraceuticals and Human Blood Platelet Function: Applications in Cardiovascular Health, by Asim Duttaroy. Wiley, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9781119376019 price not yet set

Overcoming Opioid Addiction: The Authoritative Medical Guide for Patients, Families, Doctors, and Therapists, by Adam Bisaga and Karen Chernyaev, ed. by Matthew Lore. The Experiment Publishing, May. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781615194582 $16.94

Oxford Textbook of Interventional Cardiology, by Redwood. 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, Aug. 2018. ISBN 9780198754152 $160.00 

Oxford Textbook of Psoriatic Arthritis, by Gladman and Fitzgerald. Oxford University Press, Aug. 2018. ISBN 9780198737582 $160.00; ebook ISBN 9780191057564 price not yet set

Radiology: The Oral Boards Primer, ed. by Mehta. Springer, May. 2018. ISBN 9781607618287 $189.00; ebook ISBN 9781607618294 $149.00 

Rest Uneasy, by Brittany Cowgill. Rutgers University Press, Apr. 2018. ISBN 9780813588209 $95.00; pbk ISBN 9780813588193 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9780813588216 $34.95 

Shapeshifters: A Journey through the Changing Human Body, by Gavin Francis. Basic Books, May. 2018. ISBN 9781541697522 $27.00; ebook ISBN 9781541697515 $27.00 

The Spine Handbook, ed. by Mehul Desai and Joseph O’Brien. Oxford University Press, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9780199350940 $98.50

Transforming Contagion, ed. by Breanne Fahs et al. Rutgers University Press, Jul. 2018. pbk ISBN 9780813589589 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9780813589602 $34.95 

Understanding Medical Education: Evidence, Theory and Practice 3e, by Tim Swanwick. 3rd ed. Wiley, Oct. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781119373827 price not yet set

Vaccines: Are They Worth a Shot?, by Grignolio. Springer, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9783319681054 $39.99; ebook ISBN 9783319681061 price not yet set

History of Science & Technology

The Fabrica of Andreas Vesalius: A Worldwide Descriptive Census, Ownership, and Annotations of the 1543 and 1555 Editions, by Dániel Margócsy, Mark Somos, and Stephen N. Joffe. Brill, May. 2018. ISBN 9789004336292 $193.00

Modernism’s Visible Hand: Architecture and Regulation in America, by Michael Osman. University of Minnesota Press, May. 2018. ISBN 9781517900977 $120.00; pbk ISBN 9781517900984 $30.00; ebook ISBN 9781452956961 $30.00

Information & Computer Sciences

The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect, by Judea Pearl and Dana Mackenzie. Basic Books, May. 2018. ISBN 9780465097609 $32.00; ebook ISBN 9780465097616 $32.00 

The Creation of Giselle: Classical Ballet Meets Contemporary Video Games, by Nora Foster Stovel. University of Alberta Press, Dec. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781772123814 $34.95; ebook ISBN $27.98 

Digital Taste and Smell: Multisensory Internet Communication, by Cheok. Springer, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9783319738635 $99.00 

Future Automation Changes to Lives and to Businesses, by Timothy E Carone. World Scientific Publishing, May. 2018. ISBN 9789813142329 $78.00; pbk ISBN 9789813142336 $39.00 

The Making of a New Science: A Personal Journey through the Early Years of Theoretical Computer Science, by Ausiello. Springer, Aug. 2018. ISBN 9783319626796 $69.98; ebook ISBN 9783319626802 price not yet set

The SAGE Encyclopedia of the Internet, by Barney Warf. SAGE Publishing, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9781473926615 $425.00; ebook ISBN 9781473960367 $574.00 


Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers with Applications, Volume Two, by Thomas Koshy. 2nd ed. Wiley, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9781118742082 $125.00

High Accuracy Algorithm for the Differential Equations Governing Anomalous Diffusion: Algorithm and Models for Anomalous Diffusion, by Weihua Deng and Zhijiang Zhang. World Scientific Publishing, May 2018. ISBN 9789813142206 $128.00

The KENKEN Method — Beginner’s Book 150 Puzzles and Solutions to Make You Smarter, by Tetsuya Miyamoto. World Scientific Publishing, May. 2018. pbk ISBN 9789813232556 $18.00

Mathematical Analysis and Applications: Selected Topics, by Ruzhansky et al. Wiley, May. 2018. ISBN 9781119414346 $140.00 

The Mathematics of Everyday Life, by Alfred S. Posamentier and Christian Spreitzer. Prometheus Books, Aug. 2018. ISBN 9781633883871 $25.00; ebook ISBN 9781633883888 $11.99 

A Modern Introduction to Dynamical Systems, by Richard Brown. 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, Sep. 2018. ISBN 9780198743286 $80.00; pbk ISBN 9780198743279 $48.95; ebook ISBN 9780191061011 price not yet set

Monetising Data – How to Uplift Your Business, by Ahlemeyer-Stubbe and Coleman. Wiley, May. 2018. ISBN 9781119125136 $80.00

A Practical Approach to Using Statistics in Health Research: From Planning to Reporting, by Mackridge and Rowe. Wiley, May. 2018. ISBN 9781119383574 $125.00 

Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes with Applications, by Oliver Knill. 2nd ed. World Scientific Publishing, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9789813109483 $128.00; pbk ISBN 9789813109490 $58.00 

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: A Guide for Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians, by Jacqueline Dewar, Curtis Bennett, and Matthew A. Fisher. Oxford University Press, May. 2018. ISBN 9780198821212 $60.00; ebook ISBN 9780192554437 $59.99 

The Tangram Puzzle Book, by Ilan Garibi and David Goodman. World Scientific Publishing, Jun. 2018. ISBN 9789813234000 $65.00; pbk ISBN 9789813235205 $35.00

Undergraduate Analysis: A Working Textbook, by Aisling McCluskey and Brian McMaster. Oxford University Press, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9780198817567 $75.00; pbk ISBN 9780198817574 $32.95; ebook ISBN 9780192549839 $31.98 


Animal Locomotion, by Andrew Biewener and Sheila Patek. 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, May. 2018. ISBN 9780198743156 $95.00; pbk ISBN 9780198743163 $45.95; ebook ISBN 9780191060854 $44.99 

Buzz: The Nature and Necessity of Bees, by Thor Hanson. Basic Books, Jul. 2018. ISBN 9780465052615 $27.00; ebook ISBN 9780465098804 $27.00 

The Flying Zoo: Birds, Parasites and the World They Share, by Michael Stock. University of Alberta Press, Sep. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781772123746 $29.94; ebook ISBN $23.00