Forthcoming Titles in Library and Information Sciences, 2020

A list of the latest and soon-to-be-released publications through October 2021.

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[Ed. Note: Bibliographic data is supplied by publishers and includes anticipated release date, price, and ISBN. Estimated prices and release dates are followed by an “e.” Release dates, prices, and titles are subject to change. This list does not represent titles reviewed in Choice, but many of them will be reviewed throughout the year as they are released.]

Academic Library Makerspaces: A Practical Guide to Planning, Collaborating, and Supporting Campus Innovation, by Katy B. Mathuews and Daniel J. Harper. Libraries Unlimited, Jun. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781440872068 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781440872075 $65.00

Academic Library Services for First-Generation Students, by Xan Arch and Isaac Gilman. Libraries Unlimited, Jun. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781440870170 $70.00; ebook ISBN 9781440870187 $70.00

Anime Clubs for Public Libraries: A Practical Guide for Librarians, by Chantale Pard. Rowman & Littlefield, Jun. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781538130728 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781538130735 $61.00

Archives 101, by Lois Hamill. Rowman & Littlefield, Jun. 2020. ISBN 9781538133002 $95.00; pbk ISBN 9781538133019 $42.00; ebook ISBN 9781538133026 $39.50

Collection Assessment Principles and Practices, by Michael P. Hughes. Libraries Unlimited, Jan. 2021. pbk ISBN 9781440869358 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781440869365 $65.00

The Collector and the Collected: Decolonizing Area Studies Librarianship, ed. by Megan Browndorf, Erin Pappas, and Anna Arays. Library Juice Press, Jun. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9781634000901 $35.00

The Complete Collections Assessment Manual: A Holistic Approach, by Madeline M. Kelly. ALA Neal-Schuman, Jul. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9780838918685 $57.99

Copyright and Course Reserves: Legal Issues and Best Practices for Academic Libraries, by Carla S. Myers. Libraries Unlimited, Jun. 2020. ISBN 9781440862038 $60.00; ebook ISBN 9781440862045 $60.00

Copyright Policies and Workflows in Libraries: A Concise Handbook, by Allyson Mower. Rowman & Littlefield, Jun. 2020. ISBN 9781538133217 $75.00; pbk ISBN 9781538133224 $35.00; ebook ISBN 9781538133231 $33.00

Deconstructing Service in Libraries: Intersections of Identities and Expectations, by Veronica Arellano Douglas and Joanna Gadsby. Library Juice Press, Jun. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9781634000604 $35.00

Developing a Library Accessibility Plan: A Practical Guide for Librarians, by Rebecca M. Marrall. Rowman & Littlefield, Jun. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781538131138 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781538131145 $61.00

Differing Abilities and the Library: Fostering Equity for Patrons and Staff with Disabilities, ed. by Clay-ton A. Copeland. Libraries Unlimited, Oct. 2021. ISBN 9781440859076 $60.00; ebook ISBN 9781440859083 $60.00

Digitization and Digital Archiving: A Practical Guide for Librarians, by Elizabeth R Leggett. 2nd ed. Rowman & Littlefield, Oct. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781538133347 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781538133354 $61.00

Dismantling Deficit Thinking in Academic Libraries: Theory, Reflection, and Action, by Chelsea Heinbach et al. Library Juice Press, Jan. 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781634000956 $35.00

Doing Library Impact Evaluation, by David Streatfield and Sharon Markless. Facet Publishing, Aug. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781783304141 $69.00

Emerging Human Resource Trends in Academic Libraries, by Michael A. Crumpton and Nora J. Bird. Rowman & Littlefield, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9781538134962 $85.00; pbk ISBN 9781538134979 $45.00; ebook ISBN 9781538134986 $42.50

Engaging Students through Campus Libraries: High-Impact Learning Models, ed. by Gayle Schaub and Hazel McClure. Libraries Unlimited, Jul. 2020. ISBN 9781440868689 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781440868696 $65.00

Engaging Your Community through Active Strategic Marketing, by Terry Kendrick. Facet Publishing, Dec. 2020. pbk ISBN 97817833303830 $69.00

E-Textiles in Libraries: A Practical Guide for Librarians, by Carli Spina and Helen Lane. Rowman & Littlefield, Jun. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781538130483 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781538130490 $61.50

Everywhere and Nowhere: Understanding Diaspora in the Library, by Teresa Helena Moreno. Library Juice Press, Sep. 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781634000888 $28.00

Foundations of Library and Information Science, by Richard E. Rubin and Rachel G. Rubin. 5th ed. ALA Neal-Schuman, Jun. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9780838947449 $79.99

Fundraising for Academic Libraries: A Practical Guide for Librarians, by Karlene Noel Jennings and Joyce Garczynski. Rowman & Littlefield, Jun. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781538131299 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781538131305 $61.50

Helping Library Users with Legal Questions: Practical Advice for Research, Programming, and Outreach, by Deborah A. Hamilton. Libraries Unlimited, Sep. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781440872006 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440872013 $55.00

A History of Medical Libraries and Medical Librarianship: From Gentlemen Physician Librarians to the Digital Age, by Michael R. Kronenfeld and Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld. Rowman & Littlefield, Aug. 2020. ISBN 9781538118818 $85.00

Informatics for Health Sciences Librarians, by Joan Bartlett. Rowman & Littlefield, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9781538135853 $68.00; ebook ISBN 9781538135860 $64.50

Information Literacy Instruction Online: Practical Techniques to Engage Students, by Michael Courtney. Libraries Unlimited, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9781440858161 $70.00; ebook ISBN 9781440858178 $70.00

Libraries and Homelessness: An Action Guide, by Julie Ann Winkelstein. Libraries Unlimited, Aug. 2020. ISBN 9781440862786 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440862793 $55.00

Libraries Supporting Online Learning: Digital Literacy, Open Access, and Local Connectivity, by Christina D. Mune. Libraries Unlimited, Jul. 2020. ISBN 9781440861758 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440861765 $55.00

Library 2030: Imagining the Next Generation of Libraries, ed. by Joseph Janes. Rowman & Littlefield, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9781538136850 $75.00; pbk ISBN 9781538136867 $35.00; ebook ISBN 9781538136874 $33.00

Library Patrons’ Privacy: Questions and Answers, by Sandra J. Valenti, Brady D. Lund, and Matthew A. Beckstrom. Libraries Unlimited, Sep. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781440874109 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781440874116 $65.00

Makerspaces for Adults: Best Practices and Great Projects, by Jennifer Hicks and Jessica Long. Rowman & Littlefield, Jul. 2020. ISBN 9781538133316 $95.00; pbk ISBN 9781538133323 $45.00; ebook ISBN 9781538133330 $42.50

Managing Information Risks, by William Saffady. Rowman & Littlefield, Jul. 2020. ISBN 9781538135488 $95.00; pbk ISBN 9781538135495 $42.00; ebook ISBN 9781538135501 $39.50

Material Cultures in Public Engagement: Re-inventing Public Archaeology with Museum Collections, ed. by Anastasia Christophilopoulou. Oxbow Books, Sep. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781789253689 $35.00

No Previous Model: A History of the Office of the Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian at University of Wisconsin, by Karla Strand. Library Juice Press, Jan. 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781634000925 $35.00

The Passive Programming Playbook: 101 Ways to Get Library Customers off the Sidelines, by Paula Willey and Andria L. Amaral. Libraries Unlimited, Aug. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781440870569 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440870576 $55.00

Practical Marketing for the Academic Library, by Stephanie Espinoza Villamor and Kimberly Shotick. Libraries Unlimited, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9781440872228 $60.00; ebook ISBN 9781440872235 $60.00

Promoting African American Writers: Library Partnerships for Outreach, Programming, and Literacy, by Grace M. Jackson-Brown. Libraries Unlimited, Aug. 2020. ISBN 9781440870279 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781440870286 $65.00 

Seeking to Understand: A Journey into Disability Studies and Libraries, by Robin Brown and Scott Scheidlower. Library Juice Press, Sep. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9781634001069 $28.00

Serapis: The Sacred Library and Its Declericalization, by Stephen Bales. Library Juice Press, May. 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781634000970 $28.00

Serving Teens and Adults on the Autism Spectrum: A Guide for Libraries, by Carrie Rogers-Whitehead. Libraries Unlimited, Jun. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781440874819 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440874826 $55.00

Sexuality in LIS, ed. by Brian Flaherty and Alana Kumbier. Library Juice Press, Jun. 2020e. pbk ISBN 781634000840 $35.00

Spreadsheets for Librarians: Getting Results with Excel and Google Sheets, by Bruce White. Libraries Unlimited, Jul. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781440869310 $50.00; ebook ISBN 9781440869327 $50.00

Strauss’s Handbook of Business Information: A Guide for Librarians, Students, and Researchers, by Hal P. Kirkwood. 4th ed. Libraries Unlimited, Jul. 2021. ISBN 9781440851308 $90.00; ebook ISBN 9781440851315 $90.00

Supporting Transfer Student Success: The Essential Role of College and University Libraries, by Peggy L. Nuhn and Karen F. Kaufman. Libraries Unlimited, Jul. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781440873164 $75.00; ebook ISBN 9781440873171 $75.00

Systems Librarianship: A Practical Guide for Librarians, by Brighid M. Gonzales. Rowman & Littlefield, Jun. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781538107133 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781538130759 $61.50

Terrific Makerspace Projects: A Practical Guide for Librarians, by Juan Denzer and Sharona Ginsberg. Rowman & Littlefield, Jun. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781538131824 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781538131831 $61.50

Theories and Practices of Information Literacy, by Charles Inskip. Facet Publishing, Jul 2020. Pbk ISBN 9781783301355 $58.00

Think Big!: A Resource Manual for Teen Library Programs That Attract Large Audiences, by RoseMary Ludt. Rowman & Littlefield, Jul. 2020. ISBN 9781538128404 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9781538128411 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781538128428 $52.00

Underserved Patrons in University Libraries: Assisting Students Facing Trauma, Abuse, and Discrimination, ed. by Julia C. Skinner and Melissa Gross. Libraries Unlimited, Sep. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781440870415 $75.00; ebook ISBN 9781440870422 $75.00 

Understanding and Improving Information Search: A Cognitive Approach, ed. by Wai Tat Fu. Springer, Jul. 2020e. ISBN 9783030388249 $159.99e; ebook ISBN 9783030388256 price not yet set

Understanding Human Information Behavior: When, How, and Why People Interact with Information, by Beth St. Jean and Ursula Gorham. Rowman & Littlefield, Aug. 2020. ISBN 9781538119129 $125.00; pbk ISBN 9781538119136 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781538119143 $52.00