Forthcoming Titles in Library and Information Sciences, 2019

A list of the latest and soon-to-be-released publications through July 2020.

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[Ed. Note: Bibliographic data is supplied by publishers and includes anticipated release date, price, and ISBN. Estimated prices and release dates are followed by an “e.” Release dates, prices, and titles are subject to change. This list does not represent titles reviewed in Choice, but many of them will be reviewed throughout the year as they are released.]

Academic Library Services for First-Generation Students, by Xan Arch and Isaac Gilman. Libraries Unlimited, Oct. 2019. ISBN 9781440870170, $70.00; ebook ISBN 9781440870187, price not yet set

Archives, Record-Keeping and Social Justice, by Andrew Flinn and Wendy Duff. 1st ed. Taylor & Francis Group, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9781472483881, $104.95e

A Brief History of the Book: From Tablet to Tablet, by Steven K. Galbraith. Libraries Unlimited, Oct. 2019. ISBN 9781440869396, $50.00; ebook ISBN 9781440869402, price not yet set

Children’s Core Collection. 24th ed. H.W. Wilson, Nov. 2019. ISBN 9781642650235, $240.00 

Coding for Preschoolers: Playful Programs for Problem Solving and Skills Development, by Cynthia Hart. Libraries Unlimited, Sep. 2019. ISBN 9781440864858, $40.00; ebook ISBN 9781440864865, price not yet set

Combating Plagiarism: A Hands-On Guide for Librarians, Teachers, and Students, by Terry Darr. Libraries Unlimited, Aug. 2019. ISBN 9781440865466, $45.00; ebook ISBN 9781440865473, price not yet set

Competency-Based Career Planning for Reference and User Services Professionals, by Jo Bell Whitlatch and Beth Woodard. ALA Editions, spring 2019. pbk ISBN 9780838917800, $59.99

Creativity for Library Career Advancement: Perspectives, Techniques and Eureka Moments, ed. by Vera Gubnitskaia and Carol Smallwood. McFarland, Jun. 2019e; pbk ISBN 9781476674018, price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781476636368, price not yet set

Do Archives Have Value?, by Michael Moss and David Thomas. Facet Publishing, spring 2019. pbk ISBN 9781783303328, $89.99

Encyclopedia of Education and Information Technologies, ed. by Arthur Tatnall. Springer, Jun. 2020e. ISBN 9783030105754, $899.99e; ebook ISBN 9783030105761, $899.99e

Engaging Boys of Color at the Library: Proven Strategies for Reading Achievement, by Nichole Shabazz. Libraries Unlimited, Sep. 2019. ISBN 9781440859663, $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440859670, price not yet set

Engaging Students through Campus Libraries: High-Impact Learning Models, ed. by Gayle Schaub and Hazel McClure. Libraries Unlimited, Oct. 2019. ISBN 9781440868689, $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781440868696, price not yet set

Fiction Core Collection. 20th ed. H.W. Wilson, Jul. 2020. ISBN 9781642653168, $295.00 

Filling the Library Leadership Void: Institutional and Succession Planning, by Kimberley L. Bugg-Allen. Libraries Unlimited, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9781440863189, $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440863196, price not yet set

Freedom and Information: A History, by Sara de Freitas. Taylor & Francis Group, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9780415729765, $140.00e

The Governor General’s Literary Awards of Canada: A Bibliography, by Andrew David Irvine. University of Ottawa Press, Oct. 2019e. ISBN 9780776627397, price not yet set; pbk ISBN 9780776627397, $79.95; ebook ISBN 9780776627410, $54.99 

Libraries Publish: How to Start a Magazine, Small Press, Blog, and More, by Stephanie Katz. Libraries Unlimited, Oct. 2019. ISBN 9781440869433, $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440869440, price not yet set

Libraries Supporting Online Learning: Digital Literacy, Open Access, and Local Connectivity, by Christina D. Mune. Libraries Unlimited, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9781440861758, $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440861765, price not yet set

Library Collaborations and Community Partnerships, by Vicki Hines-Martin. Taylor & Francis Group, Oct. 2019e. ISBN 9781138343283, $150.00e

Library Information Systems, by Joseph R. Matthews and Carson Block. 2nd ed. Libraries Unlimited, Dec. 2019. ISBN 9781440851940, $75.00; ebook ISBN 9781440851957, price not yet set

Library Management 101: A Practical Guide, 2nd ed., by Lisa K. Hussey and Diane L. Velasquez. ALA Editions, spring 2019. pbk ISBN 9780838917152, $76.99

Library Services for Online Patrons: A Manual for Facilitating Access, Learning, and Engagement, ed. by Joelle E. Pitts et al. Libraries Unlimited, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9781440859526, $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440859533, price not yet set

Maxwell’s Handbook for RDA: Explaining and Illustrating RDA: Resource Description and Access Using MARC 21, by Robert L. Maxwell. 2nd ed. ALA Editions, spring 2020. pbk ISBN 9780838917732, $129.99

Middle & Junior High Core Collection. 14th ed. H.W. Wilson, Jan. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781642652598, $295.00 

Murder Mystery, Graphic Novels, and More: Innovative Programs for Engaging Teens in Your Library, by Thane Benson. Libraries Unlimited, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9781440861369, $45.00; ebook ISBN 9781440861376, price not yet set

Neal-Schuman Library Technology Companion: A Basic Guide for Library Staff, by John J. Burke. 6th ed. ALA Neal-Schuman, fall 2019. pbk ISBN 9780838918661, $64.99

Organizing Library Collections: Theory and Practice, by Gretchen L. Hoffman. Rowman & Littlfield, Aug. 2019. ISBN 9781538108505, $125.00; pbk ISBN 9781538108512, $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781538108529, $52.00

Partners for Preservation: Advancing Digital Preservation through Cross-Community Collaboration, by Jeanne Kramer-Smyth. Facet Publishing, spring 2019. pbk ISBN 9781783303472, $89.99

Power Up Your Read-Alouds: Building Reading Excitement through Technology, by Andrea Paganelli. Libraries Unlimited, Jul. 2019. ISBN 9781440865206, $45.00; ebook ISBN 9781440865213, price not yet set

The Routledge Handbook of Library, Archival, Information and Data Sciences in the Arctic, by Spencer Acadia. Taylor & Francis Group, Nov. 2019. ISBN not yet set $220.00e

Sears List of Subject Headings. 22nd ed. H.W. Wilson, Jul. 2019e. ISBN 9781682172346, $195.00 

Second International Handbook of Internet Research, ed. by Jeremy Hunsinger. Springer, Oct. 2019. ISBN 9789402415537, $499.99; ebook ISBN 9789402415551, $499.99 

Strauss’s Handbook of Business Information: A Guide for Librarians, Students, and Researchers, by Hal P. Kirkwood. 4th ed. Libraries Unlimited, Nov. 2019. ISBN 9781440851308, $90.00; ebook ISBN 9781440851315, price not yet set

Supporting Trans People in Libraries, by Stephen G. Krueger. Libraries Unlimited, Sep. 2019. ISBN 9781440867057, $45.00; ebook ISBN 9781440867064, price not yet set

Trusting Records in the Cloud: The Creation, Management, and Preservation of Trustworthy Digital Content, by Luciana Du-ranti and Corinne Rogers. Facet Publishing, summer 2019. pbk ISBN 9781783304028, $94.99

Whole Person Librarianship: A Social Work Approach to Patron Services, by Sara K. Zettervall and Mary C. Nienow. Libraries Unlimited, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9781440857768, $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781440857775, price not yet set

Young Adult Fiction Core Collection. 3rd ed. H.W. Wilson, Aug. 2019. ISBN 9781642650228, $255.00