Forthcoming Titles in Asian & Asian American Studies, 2020

A list of the latest and soon-to-be-released publications through December 2021.

Business, Economics & Education

Co-ed Revolution: The Female Student in the Japanese New Left, by Chelsea Szendi Schieder. Duke, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9781478010425 $89.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011453 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478012979 price not yet set

Female Chinese Bankers in the Asia Pacific: Gender Mobility and Opportunity, by Wai-wan Vivien Chan. Taylor & Francis Group, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9780367338251 $155.00e

The Huawei Model: The Rise of China’s Technology Giant, by Yun Wen. Illinois, Nov. 2020. ISBN 9780252043437 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9780252085338 $25.00; ebook ISBN 9780252052316 price not yet set

Ritual and Economy in Metropolitan China: A Global Social Science Approach, by Carsten Herrmann-Pillath and Guo Man Xingyuan Feng. Taylor & Francis Group, Oct. 2020e. ISBN 9781138391970 $170.00e

Road Map of China’s Rise, by Angang Hu. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9780415479929 $160.00e


Asia Past and Present: A Brief History, by Peter P. Wan and Thomas D. Reins. Wiley, Oct. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9781118955185 $39.95; ebook ISBN 9781118955215 price not yet set

Bangkok Utopia: Modern Architecture and Buddhist Felicities, 1910–1973, by Lawrence Chua. Hawaii, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780824884604 $75.00

China Station: The British Military in the Middle Kingdom, 1839–1997, by Mark Felton. Pen and Sword, Dec. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781526781734 $24.95; ebook ISBN 9781473829602 $20.99

Ethnic Dissent and Empowerment: Economic Migration between Vietnam and Malaysia, by Angie Ngoc Tran. Illinois, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9780252043369 $125.00; pbk ISBN 9780252085277 $30.00; ebook ISBN 9780252052248 price not yet set

History and Citizenship Education in Post-Mao China: Politics, Policy, Praxis, by Alisa Jones. Taylor & Francis Group, Dec. 2020e. ISBN 9780415575362 $150.00e

A History of China, by Morris Rossabi. 2nd ed. Wiley, Apr. 2021e. ISBN 9781119604181 price not yet set; pbk ISBN 9781119604235 $52.95e; ebook ISBN 9781119604228 price not yet set

History on the Run: Secrecy, Fugitivity, and Hmong Refugee Epistemologies, by Ma Vang. Duke, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9781478010272 $104.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011316 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478012849 price not yet set

The Indo-Muslim World, 700 CE to the Present, by Francis Robinson. Wiley, Dec. 2021e. ISBN 9780470672501 $99.95e; ebook ISBN 9781119719618 price not yet set

Japan from Anime to Zen: Quick Takes on Culture, Art, History, Food … and More, by David Watts Bar-ton. Stone Bridge Press, Jan. 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781611720631 $18.95; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Pearl: December 7, 1941, by Daniel Allen Butler. Casemate Publishers, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9781612009384 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9781612004433 $17.99

Resistance at the Edge of Empires: The Archaeology and History of the Bannu basin from 1000 BC to AD 1200, by Cameron A. Petrie and Peter Magee. Bannu Archaeological Project, Vol. 3. Oxbow Books, Nov. 2020. ISBN 9781785703034 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781785703041 $47.50

The Rise and Fall of Imperial Japan, by Stephen Wynn. Pen and Sword, Nov. 2020. ISBN 9781473835788 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9781473865501 $16.99

The Roman Empire and the Silk Routes: The Ancient World Economy and the Empires of Parthia, Central Asia and Han China, by Raoul McLaughlin. Pen and Sword, Nov. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781526771087 $26.95; ebook ISBN 9781473889811 $29.97

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Vietnam, by William Cummings. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9781138802186 $160.00e

Routledge Handbook of Indian and South Asian History, ed. by Crispin Bates. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9780415489782 $210.00e

Silk: Trade and Exchange along the Silk Roads between Rome and China in Antiquity, ed. by Berit Hildebrandt. Ancient Textiles Series, Vol. 29. Oxbow Books, Apr. 2021. pbk ISBN 9781789255515 $46.00; ebook ISBN 9781785702808 $29.99

Silk Roads: From Local Realities to Global Narratives, ed. by Jeffrey D. Lerner and Yaohua Shi. Oxbow Books, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9781789254709 $90.00; ebook ISBN 9781789254716 $45.00

Utopian Ruins: A Memorial Museum of the Mao Era, by Jie Li. Duke, Dec. 2020. ISBN 9781478010180 $109.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011231 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478012764 price not yet set

The Whites Are Enemies of Heaven: Climate Caucasianism and Asian Ecological Protection, by Mark Driscoll. Duke, Dec. 2020. ISBN 9781478010166 $104.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011217 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478012740 price not yet set


Asian Worldviews: Religions, Philosophies, Political Theories, by Rein Raud. Wiley, Dec. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9781119165972 $39.95e; ebook ISBN 9781119166009 price not yet set

Chinese Museums: Strategies and Promotion of Contemporary Chinese Art, by Ornella De Nigris. Mimesis International, Oct. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9788869771439 $30.00

Echoes of Exclusion and Resistance: Voices from the Hanford Region, ed. by Robert Bauman and Robert Franklin. Hanford History Series, Vol. 3. Washington State, Dec. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9780874223828 $28.95e

Fate, Nature, and Literary Form: The Politics of the Tragic in Japanese Literature, by Kinya Nishi. Academic Studies Press, Sep. 2020e. ISBN 9781644690680 $99.00; ebook ISBN 9781644690697 $119.00

John Song: Modern Chinese Christianity and the Making of a New Man, by Daryl R. Ireland. Baylor, Sep. 2020e. ISBN 9781481312707 $49.95e; ebook ISBN 9781481312721 price not yet set

Queering the Global Filipina Body: Contested Nationalisms in the Filipina/o Diaspora, by Gina K. Velasco. Illinois, Nov. 2020. ISBN 9780252043475 $110.00e; pbk ISBN 9780252085376 $26.00; ebook ISBN 9780252052354 price not yet set

Re-imagining Creative Cities in Twenty-First Century Asia, ed. by Michael Lim, Xin Gu, and Justin O’Connor. Palgrave Macmillan, Sep. 2020e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Rethinking the Modern Chinese Canon: Refractions across the Transpacific, by Clara Iwasaki. Cambria Press, Oct. 2020e. ISBN 9781621965473 $109.99e; ebook ISBN not yet set $100.00e

Slow Train to Democracy: Memoirs of Life in Shanghai, 1978 to 1979, by Anne E. McLaren. Australian Scholarly Publishing/Arden, Oct. 2020. pbk ISBN 9781925984309 $35.00

Sounds from the Other Side: Afro-South Asian Collaborations in Black Popular Music, by Elliott H. Powell. Minnesota, Nov. 2020. ISBN 9781517910037 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9781517910044 $22.50; ebook ISBN 9781452964423 $22.50

Staging for the Emperors: A History of Qing Court Theatre, 1662–1924, by Liana Chen. Cambria Press, Sep. 2020e. ISBN 9781621965480 $119.99e; ebook ISBN not yet set $109.99e

Wanghong and Chinese Social Media Entertainment, by Stuart Cunningham, David Craig and Jian Lin. Palgrave Macmillan, May. 2021e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Language and Literature

ABC Cantonese-English Comprehensive Dictionary, by Robert S. Bauer. Hawaii, Dec. 2020. pbk ISBN 9780824877323 $42.00

Decadence in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture: A Comparative and Literary-Historical Reevaluation, by Hongjian Wang. Cambria Press, Sep. 2020e. ISBN not yet set $109.99e; ebook ISBN not yet set $100.00e

Empire’s Mistress, Starring Isabel Rosario Cooper, by Vernadette Vicuna Gonzalez. Duke, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9781478011866 $94.95; pbk ISBN 9781478014003 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478021315 price not yet set

Hu Feng: A Marxist Intellectual in a Communist State, 1930–1955, by Ruth Y. Y. Hung. SUNY, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9781438479538 $95.00

Metaphysical and Mid-Late Tang Poetry: A Baroque Comparison, by Pengfei Wang. Vernon Press, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9781622737734 $42.00; pbk ISBN 9781622739585 $34.00; ebook ISBN 9781622739226 $70.00

Remapping the Contested Sinosphere: The Cross-Cultural Landscape and Ethnoscape of Taiwan, by Chia-rong Wu. Cambria Press, Sep. 2020e. ISBN 9781621965442 $109.99e; ebook ISBN not yet set $100.00e

Teardrops of Time: Buddhist Aesthetics in the Poetry of Angkhan Kalayanaphong, by Arnika Fuhrmann. SUNY, Dec. 2020. ISBN 9781438480732 $95.00

Performing & Visual Arts

American Gamelan and the Ethnomusicological Imagination, by Elizabeth A. Clendinning. Illinois, Sep. 2020e. ISBN 9780252043383 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9780252085291 $30.00; ebook ISBN 9780252052262 price not yet set

Building Socialism: The Afterlife of East German Architecture in Urban Vietnam, by Christina Schwenkel. Duke, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9781478010012 $114.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011064 $30.95; ebook ISBN 9781478012603 $30.95

Chen Yi, by Leta E. Miller and J. Michele Edwards. Illinois, Dec. 2020. ISBN 9780252043543 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9780252085444 $28.00; ebook ISBN 9780252052422 price not yet set

City of Screens: Imagining Audiences in Manila’s Alternative Film Culture, by Jasmine Nadua Trice. Duke, Mar. 2021e. ISBN 9781478010586 $104.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011699 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478021254 price not yet set

Close-Ups and Long Shots in Modern Chinese Cinemas, by Hsiu-Chuang Deppman. Hawaii, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9780824882907 $85.00; pbk ISBN 9780824885809 $28.00

Experts in Action: Transnational Hong Kong-Style Stunt Work and Performance, by Lauren Steimer. Duke, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9781478010579 $99.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011705 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478021261 price not yet set

The Future History of Contemporary Chinese Art, by Peggy Wang. Minnesota, Dec. 2020. ISBN 9781517909154 $120.00; pbk ISBN 9781517909161 $30.00; ebook ISBN 9781452963341 $30.00

The Globally Familiar: Digital Hip Hop, Masculinity, and Urban Space in Delhi, by Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan. Duke, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9781478010159 $99.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011200 $25.95; ebook ISBN 9781478012726 $25.95

Gods in the Time of Democracy, by Kajri Jain. Duke, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9781478010340 $104.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011392 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478012887 price not yet set

Locating Taiwan Cinema in the Twenty-First Century, ed. by Paul G. Pickowicz and Yingjin Zhang. Cambria Press, Sep. 2020e. ISBN 9781621965459 $114.99e; ebook ISBN not yet set $109.99e

Revisiting Women’s Cinema: Feminism, Socialism, and Mainstream Culture in Modern China, by Lingzhen Wang. Duke, Dec. 2020. ISBN 9781478009757 $104.95; pbk ISBN 9781478010807 $25.95; ebook ISBN 9781478012337 $25.95

Seeing Diaspora: Photography, Representation, South Asian America, by Bakirathi Mani. Duke, Nov. 2020. ISBN 9781478009849 $99.95; pbk ISBN 9781478010890 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478012436 price not yet set

Philosophy & Religion

Buddhist Literature as Philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy as Literature, ed. by Rafal K. Stepien. SUNY, Nov. 2020. ISBN 9781438480718 $95.00

Ethnicity and Religion in Southwest China, ed. by He Ming and David C. Lewis. Taylor & Francis Group, Oct. 2020e. ISBN 9780367474171 $155.00e

Hindutva as Political Monotheism, by Anustup Basu. Duke, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9781478009887 $99.95; pbk ISBN 9781478010944 $27.95; ebook ISBN 9781478012498 $27.95

Human Becomings: Theorizing Persons for Confucian Role Ethics, by Roger T. Ames. SUNY, Dec. 2020. ISBN 9781438480794 $95.00

Life Confucianism as A New Philosophy: Love and Thought, by Huang Yushun and Li Xuening. Bridge21 Publications, Oct. 2020e. ISBN 9781626430068 $110.00; ebook ISBN 9781626430075 $82.50

Material Acts in Everyday Hindu Worlds, by Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger. SUNY, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9781438480114 $95.00

My Heart Sutra: A World in 260 Characters, by Frederik L. Schodt. Stone Bridge Press, Dec. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9781611720624 $16.95

The Other Rāma: Matricide and Genocide in the Mythology of Paraśurāma, by Brian Collins. SUNY, Nov. 2020. ISBN 9781438480398 $95.00

Political Science & Law

Convenient Criticism: Local Media and Governance in Urban China, by Dan Chen. SUNY, Nov. 2020. ISBN 9781438480299 $95.00

Cultural Revolution and Revolutionary Culture, by Alessandro Russo. Duke, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9781478008590 $104.95; pbk ISBN 9781478009528 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478012184 price not yet set

The Downfall of China or CCP 3.0?, by Niklas Hageback. Histria, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9781592110605 $39.99

Dynamics of Democracy in Taiwan: The Ma Ying-Jeou Years, ed. by Kharis Templeman, Yunhan Chu, and Larry Diamond. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9781626379046 $89.95; pbk ISBN 9781626379114 $32.50; ebook ISBN not yet set $32.50

Elementary Aspects of the Political: Histories from the Global South, by Prathama Banerjee. Duke, Dec. 2020. ISBN 9781478009870 $99.95; pbk ISBN 9781478010906 $25.95; ebook ISBN 9781478012443 $25.95

From Party Politics to Militarism in Japan, 1924–1941, by Kitaoka Shinichi. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Sep. 2020e. ISBN 9781626378575 $85.00 

New Asian Approaches to Africa: Rivalries and Collaborations, ed. by Takuo Iwata. Vernon Press, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9781622738090 $62.00; pbk ISBN 9781622739240 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781622738687 $98.00 

Politics and Culture in South and North Korea, by Dennis Hart. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9780415368162 $130.00e

Politics and Society in Contemporary China, by Elizabeth Freund Larus. 2nd ed. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Sep. 2020e. pbk ISBN 9781626378988 $32.50; ebook ISBN not yet set $32.50

Politics of East Asian Free Trade Agreements: Issues and Prospects, by Byung-il Choi and Jennifer Oh. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2021e. ISBN 9780367278854 $110.00e

Routledge Handbook of Central Asian Politics, ed. by Reuel R. Hanks and Dilshod Achilov. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9780415776769 $210.00e

Routledge Handbook of Urban South Asia, ed. by Henrike Donner. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9781138289284 $240.00e

Transition and Corporatism in South Korea, by Myung Joon Park. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9780415625913 $160.00e

Urban Transformation in East Asia, by Hyun Bang Shin. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9780415469456 $160.00e

US-China Nuclear Relations: The Impact of Strategic Triangles, ed. by David Santoro. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Oct. 2020e. ISBN 9781626379077 $87.50

Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology

Drawing the Sea Near: Satoumi and Coral Reef Conservation in Okinawa, by C. Anne Claus. Minnesota, Nov. 2020. ISBN 9781517906610 $108.00; pbk ISBN 9781517906627 $27.00; ebook ISBN 9781452959474 $27.00

South of the Future: Marketing Care and Speculating Life in South Asia and the Americas, ed. by Anindita Banerjee and Debra A. Castillo. SUNY, Dec. 2020. ISBN 9781438481074 $95.00

Science & Technology

The Occupied Clinic: Militarism and Care in Kashmir, by Saiba Varma. Duke, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9781478009924 $99.95; pbk ISBN 9781478010982 $28.95; ebook ISBN 9781478012511 $28.95

Renewable Energy Policies in South Asia: The World Bank’s Solar Lighting Strategies and Design Principles, by Sam Wong. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9780415505536 $150.00e

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Asceticism and Power in South and Southeast Asia, ed. by Peter Flügel and Gustaaf Houtman. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9780415423847 $145.00e

China’s Millennium Transformation: The Belt and Road Initiative, by Da Hsuan Feng. World Scientific Publishing, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9789811210914 $88.00; pbk ISBN 9789811216909 $28.00

China’s New Silk Road Central Asia and the Gateway to Europe, by Peter Braga and Kaneshko Sangar. Taylor & Francis Group, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9780367224646 $140.00e

Ethnic Relations and Minority Policies in Contemporary China, by Ma Rong and Jian Zhixiang. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9780415722858 $160.00e

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: Planning and Global Positioning, ed. by Shiping Guo. World Scientific Publishing, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9789811218675 $98.00

Milk Craze: Body, Science, and Hope in China, by Veronica S. W. Mak. Hawaii, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780824886271 $68.00

Political Economy of Agricultural Trade-Related Policies in China, by Wenshou Yan. World Scientific Publishing, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9789811218897 $88.00

The Political Economy of Central Asia, by Gul Berna Ozcan. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9780415421911 $145.00e

Preventive Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific, ed. by Yanjun Guo and Fujian Li. World Scientific Publishing, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9789811216824 $98.00

Radiation and Revolution, by Sabu Kohso. Duke, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9781478009948 $94.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011002 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781478012535 price not yet set

Rebel City Hong Kong’s Year of Water and Fire, by South China Morning Post Team. World Scientific Publishing, Oct. 2020. ISBN 9789811218590 $58.00; pbk ISBN 9789811218606 $28.00

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Highland Asia, ed. by Michael Heneise and Jelle Wolters. Taylor & Francis Group, Nov. 2020e. ISBN 9780367358266 $220.00e

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Vietnam, ed. by Jonathan D. London. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9781138792258 $210.00e

Social Mobility and Class Structure in Contemporary China, by Jing Yang. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9780415596008 $145.00e

The Special Envoy Pursuing the 14th Dalai Lama’s Vision of a Reunited Tibet, by Lodi Gyaltsen Gyari. World Scientific Publishing, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9789811210815 $128.00; pbk ISBN 9789811212062 $58.00

Study on International Politics in Contemporary China, ed. by Yuyan Zhang. World Scientific Publishing, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9789811214035 $158.00

Traffic in Asian Women, by Laura Hyun Yi Kang. Duke, Sep. 2020. ISBN 9781478008804 $104.95; pbk ISBN 9781478009665 $28.95; ebook ISBN 9781478012283 $28.95

Women and Work in Postwar Japan, by Helen Macnaughtan. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9780415328067 $150.00e

Women in South Korea: New Femininities and Consumption, by Jongmi Kim. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9780415665599 $145.00e