Forthcoming Titles in Art & Architecture, 2023

A list of the latest and soon-to-be-released publications through January 2024.

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The 100 Films That All Architects Should See, by François Penz. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2023e. ISBN 9781032029382 $115.00e

Afrofuturism from Africa: Creating Other Times, Spaces, and Worlds, by Kimberly Cleveland. Ohio, Apr. 2023e. pbk ISBN not yet set $29.95e; ebook ISBN not yet set $29.99e

Art, Image, Power and Place: Contextualising the Stone Sculpture of Anglo-Saxon England, ed. by Sarah Semple and Jane Hawkes. Oxbow Books, Oct. 2023. ISBN 9781789258981 $80.00; ebook ISBN 9781789258998 $40.00

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A Boxing Legacy: The Life and Works of Writer and Cartoonist Ted Carroll, ed. by Ian Phimister and David Patrick. Rowman & Littlefield, Feb. 2023. ISBN 9781538164792 $39.95; ebook ISBN 9781538164808 $38.00

Breaking Images: Damage and Mutilation of Ancient Figurines, ed. by Gianluca Miniaci.  Oxbow Books, Mar. 2023. ISBN 9781789259148 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781789259155 $47.50

Chinese Contemporary Art since 2000, by Zhu Zhu. Springer Nature, Feb. 2023e. ISBN 9789811584848 $149.99e; ebook ISBN 9789811584855 price not yet set

From Lapland to Sápmi: Collecting and Returning Sámi Craft and Culture, by Barbara Sjoholm. Minnesota, Apr. 2023. ISBN 9781517911973 $34.95

The Lichen Museum, by A. Laurie Palmer. Minnesota, Feb. 2023 . ISBN 9781517908669 $120.00; pbk ISBN 9781517908676 $29.95; ebook ISBN 9781452962597 $29.95

Norman Rockwell’s Models: In and Out of the Studio, by S.T. Haggerty. Rowman & Littlefield, Feb. 2023. ISBN 9781538170359 $45.00; ebook ISBN 9781538170366 $42.50

Old Kingdom, New Perspectives: Egyptian Art and Archaeology 2750-2150 BC, ed. by Nigel Strudwick and Helen Strudwick. 2nd ed. Oxbow Books, Feb. 2023. pbk ISBN 9781789258813 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9781842176757 $60.00e

Operational Images: From the Visual to the Invisual, by Jussi Parikka. Minnesota, Jul. 2023. ISBN 9781517912109 $116.00; pbk ISBN 9781517912116 $29.00

Place Matters: Critical Topographies in Word and Image, ed. by Jonathan Bordo and Blake Fitzpatrick. McGill-Queen’s, Jan. 2023. ISBN 9780228013907 $150.00; pbk ISBN 9780228013914 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9780228014850 $55.00

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Resurrecting Tenochtitlan: Imagining the Aztec Capital in Modern Mexico City, by Delia Cosentino and Adriana Zavala. Texas, Jun. 2023. ISBN 9781477326992 $60.00; ebook ISBN 9781477327005 $120.00

Saints, Miracles, and Social Problems in Italian Renaissance Art, by Diana Bullen Presciutti. Cambridge, Mar. 2023e. ISBN 9781009300834 $99.99e

The Slip: Robert Indiana, Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin, James Rosenquist, Delphine Seyrig, Lenore Tawney, Jack Youngerman—and the New York City Street that Changed American Art Forever, by Prudence Peiffer. Harper, Aug. 2023. ISBN 9780063097209 $27.99; ebook ISBN 9780063097223 $21.99

Theory of Seeing, by Władysław Strzemiński. e-flux (distributed by Minnesota), Mar. 2023e. ISBN 9781517913823 $140.00; pbk ISBN 9781517913830 $35.00; ebook ISBN 9781452969589 $35.00

Visions of Salvation: Chinese Christian Posters in an Age of Revolution, ed. by Daryl R. Ireland. Baylor, Apr. 2023 . ISBN 9781481316248 $69.99


AA Book 2022: On Location, ed. by Ryan Dillon et al. Actar, Jan. 2023. pbk ISBN 9781919624532 $35.00

ARCHITECT, verb.: The New Language of Building, by Reinier de Graaf. Verso, Feb. 2023. ISBN 9781839761911 $26.95; ebook ISBN 9781839761942 $9.99

Architect’s Pocket Book, by Jonathan Hetreed, Ann Ross, and Charlotte Baden-Powell. 6th ed. Taylor & Francis Group, Apr. 2023e. ISBN 9781032414133 $120.00e

The Architect’s Pocket Book of Management and Practice, by Ben Vickery. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2024e. ISBN 9781032355283 $160.00e

Architectural Theory, ed. by Harry Francis Mallgrave. Taylor & Francis Group, Dec. 2023e. ISBN 9780415816687 $1,485.00e

Architectural Thinking in a Climate Emergency, ed. by James Benedic Brown and Sofie Pelsmakers. Taylor & Francis Group, Aug. 2024e. ISBN 9781032277523 $160.00e

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Architecture and Affect: Precarious Spaces, by Lilian Chee. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2023e. ISBN 9781472454638 $140.00e

Architecture and Non-Compliant Bodies: Pedagogy, Policy, and Practice in the USA, by Wanda Katja Liebermann. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2023e. ISBN 9780367641146 $155.00e

Architecture from Public to Commons, ed. by Marcelo López-Dinardi. Taylor & Francis Group, Jul. 2023e. ISBN 9781032394480 $160.00e

Architecture in the Age of Media Technology and Culture, by Sang Lee. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2023e. ISBN 9781032060590 $160.00e

The Architecture of Disability: Buildings, Cities, and Landscapes beyond Access, by David Gissen. Minnesota, Jan. 2023. ISBN 9781517912499 $100.00; pbk ISBN 9781517912505 $24.95; ebook ISBN 9781452968544 $24.95

Architecture of Place: Bates Masi + Architects, by Paul Masi. ORO Editions, Jan. 2023. ISBN 9781954081192 $60.00

Atmospheres in the Urban World: Creating and Feeling Immaterial Spaces, by Jürgen Hasse. Mimesis International, Jan. 2023e. pbk ISBN 9788869773990 $34.99

Betting on Macau: Casino Capitalism and China’s Consumer Revolution, by Tim Simpson. Minnesota, Apr. 2023. ISBN 9781517900304 $120.00; pbk ISBN 9781517900311 $30.00

City Science: Performance Follows Form, by Jeremy Burke et al. Actar, Jan. 2023. pbk ISBN 9781638409908 $39.95

Climatic Architecture, by Philippe Rahm. Actar, May 2023. ISBN 9781638400394 $64.95e

Depositions: Roberto Burle Marx and Public Landscapes under Dictatorship, by Catherine Seavitt Nordenson. Texas, May 2023. pbk ISBN 9781477315736 $45.00

Design and Solidarity, by Rafi Segal and Marisa Morán Jahn. Columbia, Feb. 2023. ISBN 9780231204040 $95.00; pbk ISBN 9780231204057 $25.00; ebook ISBN 9780231555340 $24.99

Design for Post-Disaster Housing, by Jennifer Smith. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2023e. ISBN 9781032293202 $160.00e

Designing Women’s Lives: Using Design Psychology to Transform Places, Practice and YOU, by Toby Israel. ORO Editions, Mar. 2023. pbk ISBN 9781954081116 $29.95

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Eastcliff: History of a Home, by Karen Fults Kaler. Minnesota, Jul. 2023e. ISBN 9781517913762 $29.95

Environmental Activism by Design, ed. by Coleman Coker et al. ORO Editions, Jan. 2023. pbk ISBN 9781954081796 $35.00

Foundations of Urban Design, by Marcel Smets. Actar, Jan. 2023. ISBN not yet set $39.95

Future Offices, ed. by Ali Rahim. ORO Editions, Mar. 2023. pbk ISBN 9781954081581 $29.95

Green Building Costs: The Affordability of Sustainable Design, by Ming Hu. Taylor & Francis Group, Nov. 2023e. ISBN 9781032328096 $160.00e

Histories, Theories, and Criticisms of AI Architecture, ed. by Rahman Azari and Alice Moncaster. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2023e. ISBN 9781032272702 $160.00e

History of Technology and Structures in Architecture: Connecting Theory and Design, by Winifred Newman and Shahin Vassigh. Taylor & Francis Group, Dec. 2023e. ISBN 9781138186385 $160.00e

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Architecture: Learning from AlphaGo, by Neil Leach et al. Taylor & Francis Group, Feb. 2023e. ISBN 9781032388939 $115.00e

A Language of Contemporary Architecture: An Index of Topology and Typology, by Rafael Luna and Dongwoo Yim. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2023e. ISBN 9781032245409 $160.00e

Lines of Development: Analysis, Geometry, Architecture, by Cameron Wu. Actar, Jun. 2023. pbk ISBN 9781638400417 $54.95

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Complete Writings 1922–1969, ed. by Vittorio Pizzigoni. DOM Publishers, Jun. 2023. pbk ISBN not yet set $39.95

The Making of Mexican Modernist Architecture, by Arredondo Zambrano and Celia Esther. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2023e. ISBN 9781032332772 $160.00e

Nothing Permanent: Modern Architecture in California, by Todd Cronan. Minnesota, Sep. 2023. ISBN 9781517915193 price not yet set; pbk ISBN 9781517915209 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781452969381 price not yet set

The Portfolio: A Guide for Architects and Designers, by Igor Marjanović et al. 2 ed. Taylor & Francis Group, Dec. 2023e. ISBN 9781138280595 $180.00e

Power / Energy: Shaping the American Landscape, by Rosalea Monacella. Actar, Mar. 2023. ISBN 9781638409885 $24.95

Probiotic Cities, by Richard Beckett. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2023e. ISBN 9781032076096 $160.00e

Public Aquariums: Construction and Design Manual, ed. by Jürgen Lange et al. DOM Publishers, Jun. 2023. ISBN 9783869227566 $99.95

Rereading Women and Architecture, ed. by Dana Arnold. Taylor & Francis Group, Sep. 2023e. ISBN 9781032124568 $160.00e

Routledge Critical Companion to Race and Architecture, ed. by Felipe Hernandez and Felipe Itohan Osayimwese. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2023e. ISBN 9781032209425 $250.00e

The Routledge Handbook of Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment, ed. by Rahman Azari and Alice Moncaster. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2023e. ISBN 9781032234861 $250.00e

Shifting Sands: Landscape, Memory, and Commodities in China’s Contemporary Borderlands, by Xiaoxuan Lu. Texas, Aug. 2023. ISBN 9781477327555 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781477327568 price not yet set

book cover

Spatial Infrastructure, by Jose Araguez. Actar, Jan. 2023. pbk ISBN 9781638400196 $39.95

Speaking of Architecture: Interviews about What Comes Next, with Mark Foster Gage, by Mark Foster Gage. ORO Editions, Jan. 2023. pbk ISBN 9781957183183 $29.95

Speculative Coolness: Architecture, Media, the Real, and the Virtual, ed. by Bryan Cantley. Taylor & Francis Group, Jan. 2023e. ISBN 9781032318882 $160.00e

Twenty Great Windows in Modern Architecture, by Kevin Adams. Taylor & Francis Group, Oct. 2023e. ISBN 9780367358150 $140.00e

Urban Thinking in Architectural Design, by Benedict Zucchi. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2023e. ISBN 9781032272702 $160.00e

Women Reclaiming the City: International Research on Urbanism, Architecture, and Planning, ed. by Tigran Haas. Rowman & Littlefield, Mar. 2023. ISBN 9781538162651 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781538162668 $90.00

Young Architects 22: Value, ed. by David Eskenazi. ORO Editions, Jan. 2023. ISBN and price not yet; pbk ISBN not yet set $25.00

Fine Arts

Artifactual: Forensic and Documentary Knowing, by Elizabeth Anne Davis. Duke, Aug. 2023e. ISBN 9781478017202 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478019886 $27.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478024453 $104.95

Artist of Wonderland: The Life, Political Cartoons, and Illustrations of Tenniel, by Frankie Morris. The Lutterworth Press, Mar. 2023. pbk ISBN 9780718894603 $57.00

book cover

Collective Creativity and Artistic Agency in Colonial Latin America, ed. by Maya Stanfield-Mazzi and Margarita Vargas-Betancourt. Florida, May 2023. ISBN 9781683403524 $80.00; pbk ISBN 9781683403661 $30.00; ebook ISBN 9781683403784 $30.00

Fantasies of Precision: American Modern Art, 1908-1947, by Ashley Lazevnick. Minnesota, Aug. 2023. ISBN 9781517913137 $75.00; pbk ISBN 9781517913144 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9781452969367 $34.95

The Form of Meaning/The Meaning of Form: Studies in the History of Art from Late Antiquity to Jackson Pollock, by Irving Lavin. Vol.1. Pindar Press, Jan. 2023. ISBN 9781899828401 $225.00

Giotto’s Arena Chapel and the Triumph of Humility, by Henrike Christiane Lange. Cambridge, Jan. 2023e. ISBN 9781316511046 $50.00e

Image and Ornament in the Early Medieval West: New Perspectives on Post-Roman Art, by Matthias Friedrich. Cambridge, Mar. 2023. ISBN 9781009207775 $99.99e

The Imagery and Politics of Sexual Violence in Early Renaissance Italy, by Péter Bokody. Cambridge, Apr. 2023e. ISBN 9781009100687 $99.99e

Inside the Spiral: The Passions of Robert Smithson, by Suzaan Boettger. Minnesota, Feb. 2023. ISBN 9781517913533 $140.00; pbk ISBN 9781517913540 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9781452968605 $34.95

Late Hokusai: Thought, Technique, Society, Legacy, ed. by Timothy Clark. British Museum/Academic, Jun. 2023. pbk ISBN 9780861592319 $80.00

Latin American Art in Minnesota: Conversations with Twelve Artists, ed. by William G. Franklin. Afton Historical Society Press (distributed by Minnesota), Apr. 2023. ISBN 9781736102169 $34.95

The Private Eye in Public Art, by Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz. ORO editions, Jan. 2023. ISBN 9781957183152 $50.00

The Routledge Companion to Art History and Feminisms, ed. by Erin Silver. Taylor & Francis Group, Nov. 2023e. ISBN 9781032117980 $250.00e

The Routledge Companion to Global Renaissance Art, ed. by Stephen J. Campbell and Stephanie Porras. Taylor & Francis Group, Dec. 2023e. ISBN 9781032261584 $250.00e

The Routledge Companion to Race in Early Modern Artistic, Material, and Visual Production, ed. by Nicholas R. Jones, Christina H. Lee, and Dominique E. Polanco. Taylor & Francis Group, Dec. 2023e. ISBN 9781032312163 $250.00e

The Routledge History of the Art of Renaissance Europe, by Michelle A. Erhardt and Amy M. Morris. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2023e. ISBN 9780367548216 $245.00e

book cover

Seeing Color in Classical Art: Theory, Practice, and Reception, from Antiquity to the Present, by Jennifer M. S. Stager. Cambridge, Feb. 2023e. ISBN 9781316516454 $50.00e

Southern/Modern: Rediscovering Southern Art from the First Half of the Twentieth Century, ed. by Jonathan Stuhlman and Martha R. Severens. North Carolina, Jun. 2023. ISBN 9781469674087 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781469674094 $29.99

A Tender Spirit, a Vital Form: Arlene Burke-Morgan & Clarence Morgan, ed. by Howard Oransky. Katherine E. Nash Gallery (distributed by Minnesota), Feb. 2023. ISBN 9781517913908 $34.95

Texas Lithographs: A Century of History in Images, by Ron Tyler. Texas, Feb. 2023. ISBN 9781477326084 $60.00; ebook ISBN 9781477325988 $130.00

Women across Asian Art: Selected Essays in Art and Material Culture, ed. by Ling-en Lu and Allysa B. Peyton. Florida, Oct. 2023. ISBN 9781683403586 $70.00


book cover

Street Cat Tales and Tangled Times: An American Journey Continues, by Stephen Marc (photography) and Carla Hayden. George F Thompson Publishing, Apr. 2023e. ISBN 9781938086984 $60.00

The Uyghurs: Kashgar before the Catastrophe, by Kevin Bubriski (photographer), Tahir Hamut Izgil, and Dru Gladney. George F Thompson Publishing, May 2023e. ISBN 9781938086991 $60.00