Forthcoming Titles in Art & Architecture, 2021

A list of the latest and soon-to-be-released publications through December 2021.

book covers


3D Graphic Statics in Design and Engineering, by Masoud Akbarzadeh. Taylor & Francis, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9780367414887 $140.00

The Afterlives of Egyptian History: Reuse and Reformulation of Objects, Places, and Texts, ed. by Yekaterina Barbash, Kathlyn M Cooney. The American University in Cairo Press, May 2021. ISBN 9781617979927 $59.95e

The Allure of Matter: Materiality across Chinese Art, ed. by Orianna Cacchione and Wei-Cheng Lin. Smart Museum of Art, Jun. 2021. ISBN 9780935573640 $32.00

Another Aesthetics Is Possible: Arts of Rebellion in the Fourth World War, by Jennifer Ponce de León. Duke, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9781478010203 $99.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478011255 $26.95; ebook ISBN 9781478012788 $26.95e individual /$99.95e institution

Art in a Disrupted World: Poland 1939–1949, by Agata Pietrasik. Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, May 2021. pbk ISBN 9788364177750 $29.00; ebook ISBN 9788364177774 $29.00

Art in Theory: The West in the World—an Anthology of Changing Ideas, ed. by Paul Wood, Leon Wainwright, and Charles Harrison. Wiley, Jan. 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781444336313 $54.95e

The Art of Orientation: An Exploration of the Mosque through Objects, ed. by Idries Trevathan et al. Hirmer, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9783777435930 $60.00

The Art of the Stonemason, by Ian Cramb. Stackpole Books, May 2021. pbk ISBN 9780811739801 $24.95; ebook ISBN 9780811769877 $23.50

Assuming the Ecosexual Position: The Earth as Lover, by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens. Minnesota, Jun. 2021. ISBN 9781517900182 price not yet set; pbk ISBN 9781517900199 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781452965796 price not yet set

Autotheory as Feminist Practice in Art, Writing, and Criticism, by Lauren Fournier. MIT, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9780262045568 $35.00

Basic Home Repair & Maintenance: An Illustrated Problem Solver, by Terry Meany. Lyons Press, May 2021. pbk ISBN 9781493059270 $24.95 

The Beginnings of Art and Music: Ice Age Discoveries from the Caves of Southwestern Germany, by Nicholas J. Conard and Claus-Joachim Kind. Kerns Verlag, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9783935751339 $56.00

Belonging and Betrayal: How Jews Made Art Modern, by Charles Dellheim. Brandeis, Sep. 2021. ISBN 9781684580569 $40.00

Black Bodies, White Gold: Art, Cotton, and Commerce in the Atlantic World, by Anna Arabindan-Kesson. Duke, May 2021. ISBN 9781478011927 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478014065 $27.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478021377 $27.95e individual/$104.95e institution

Conversations, by Ai Weiwei. Columbia, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780231197380 $60.00; pbk ISBN 9780231197397 $19.95; ebook ISBN 9780231552141 $18.99

Demographics and Artistic Expressions, by Edward Cheung. Longwave Press, Jan. 2021e. pbk ISBN 9798673822692 $38.00

Descendants of Aztec Pictography: The Cultural Encyclopedias of Sixteenth-Century Mexico, by Elizabeth Hill Boone. Texas, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9781477321676 $65.00

The Devil in the Gallery: How Scandal, Shock, and Rivalry Made the Art World, by Noah Charney. Rowman & Littlefield, Aug. 2021. ISBN 9781538138649 $45.00; ebook ISBN 9781538138656 $42.5.00

Distant Early Warning: Marshall McLuhan and the Transformation of the Avant-Garde, by Alex Kitnick. Chicago, Jun. 2021. ISBN 9780226753317 $95.00; pbk ISBN 9780226753454 $30.00; ebook ISBN 9780226753591 $30.00

Domesticating the Invisible: Form and Environmental Anxiety in Postwar America, by Melissa S. Ragain. California, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9780520343825 $65.00 

Donald Judd, ed. by Annie Ochmanek and Alex Kitnick. MIT, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780262044509 $60.00; pbk ISBN 9780262539456 $24.95

The Evolving Project: 75 Years of the Journal of Architectural Education, ed. by Igor  Marjanovic, Sara Stevens, and Marc Neveu. Taylor & Francis, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9780367461133 $155.00 

Exploring American Girlhood through 50 Historic Treasures, by Ashley E. Remer and Tiffany R. Isselhardt. Rowman & Littlefield, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9781538120897 $33.00; ebook ISBN 9781538120903 $31.00 

The Foreign Designer Antoinette Krasnik and the Wiener Moderne, by Jasna Galjer. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9783205231639 $57.00

Gods in the Time of Democracy, by Kajri Jain. Duke, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9781478010340 $99.95; pbk ISBN 9781478011392 $26.95; ebook ISBN 9781478012887 $26.95 individual/$99.95 institution

Graphic Artists Guild Handbook, ed. by the Graphic Artists Guild. 16th ed. MIT, May 2021. pbk ISBN 9780262542395 $49.95

Great Escape Forger: The Work of Carl Holmstrom–POW #221. An Artist in Stalag Luft III, by Susan Holmstrom Kohnowich. Pen and Sword, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9781526767981 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9781526767998 $16.99

Harold Rosenberg: A Critic’s Life, by Debra Bricker Balken. Chicago, May 2021. ISBN 9780226036199 $40.00; ebook ISBN 9780226740201 $40.00

Iconoclasm, by David Freedberg. Chicago, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9780226445335 $40.00; ebook ISBN 9780226445502 $35.00

Imagining the Divine: Art in Religions of Late Antiquity across Eurasia, ed. by Jaś Elsner and Rachel Wood. British Museum, Feb. 2021. pbk ISBN 9780861592340 $80.00

Is It Ours?: Art, Copyright, and Public Interest, by Martha Buskirk. California, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9780520344594 $50.00

The Jewish Decadence: Jews and the Aesthetics of Modernity, by Jonathan Freedman. Chicago, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9780226580920 $95.00; pbk ISBN 9780226581088 $30.00; ebook ISBN 9780226581118 $30.00

The Many Lives of Andy Warhol, by Stuart Lenig. Rowman & Littlefield, May 2021. ISBN 9781538137024 $36.00; ebook ISBN 9781538137031 $34.00

Max Bill—Building Bridges, ed. by Nina Zimmera and Fabienne Eggelhöfer. Scheidegger and Spiess, May 2021. ISBN 9783858818775 $50.00

The Measure of Man: Liberty, Virtue, and Beauty in the Florentine Renaissance, by Lawrence Rothfield. Rowman & Littlefield, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9781538143360 $26.95; ebook ISBN 9781538143377 $25.50

Minor China: Method, Materialisms, and the Aesthetic, by Hentyle Yapp. Duke, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9781478010470 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478011552 $27.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478013068 $27.95e individual/$104.95e institution

Moche Murals and Archaeo-Art History: Image Studies in Ancient Peru, by Lisa Trever. Texas, Dec. 2021e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set

Monsters, Fear, and the Uncanny in the Early Mediterranean, by Athanasio Papalexandrou. Texas, Sep. 2021e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set

The Myth of Abstraction: The Hidden Origins of Abstract Art in German Literature, by Andrea Meyertholen. Camden House, May 2021e. ISBN not yet set $99.00e

The Pensive Image: Art as a Form of Thinking, by Hanneke Grootenboer. Chicago, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780226717951 $35.00; ebook ISBN 9780226718002 $35.00

Religion in the Art of Archaic and Classical Greece, by Tyler Jo Smith. Pennsylvania, Jun. 2021. ISBN 9780812252811 $89.95

Retaking the Museum: Curation, Agency and Indigenous Contemporary Art in Brazil, by Thea Pitman. Tamesis Books, Jan. 2021e. ISBN not yet set $60.00e

Return Engagements: Contemporary Art’s Traumas of Modernity and History in Sài Gòn and Phnom Penh, by Viet Lê. Duke, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9781478010388 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478010791 $27.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478012931 $27.95e individual/$104.95e institution

Ruling Culture: Art Police, Tomb Robbers, and the Rise of Cultural Power in Italy, by Fiona Greenland. Chicago, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9780226756981 $105.00; pbk ISBN 9780226757032 $35.00; ebook ISBN 9780226757179 $35.00

Sacred Flames: The Power of Artificial Light in Ancient Egypt, by Meghan E. Strong. American University in Cairo, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9781649030009 $59.95

The Secret War against the Arts: How MI5 Targeted Left-Wing Writers and Artists, 1936–1956, by Richard Knott. Pen and Sword, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9781526770318 $49.95; ebook ISBN 9781526770325 $29.99

A Slow Burning Fire: The Rise of the New Art Practice in Yugoslavia, by Marko Ilić. MIT, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780262044844 $39.95

Spaces of Participation: Dynamics of Social and Political Change in the Arab World, ed. by Randa Aboubakr et al. American University in Cairo, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9781617979897 $59.95e

Spirit of Luxury and Design: A Perspective from Contemporary Fashion and Jewelry, by Jie Srun and Elizabeth Fischer. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541767 $24.95

Supernatural America: The Paranormal in American Art, ed. by Robert Cozzolino. Chicago, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780226786827 $50.00

Swiss Graphic Design Histories, ed. by Davide Fornari. Scheidegger and Spiess, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9783858818683 $99.00

Tropical Aesthetics of Black Modernism, by Samantha A. Noël. Duke, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9781478010333 $94.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478011408 $24.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478012894 $24.95e individual/$94.95e institution

Vital Voids: Cavities and Holes in Mesoamerican Material Culture, by Andrew Finegold. Texas, May 2021. ISBN 9781477322437 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781477323274 price not yet set

We Haven’t Seen Each Other for So Long: Art of the Lost Generation. The Böhme Collection, ed. by Heinz R. Böhme. Hirmer, Feb. 2021e. ISBN 9783777433899 $45.00

Welsh Saints from Welsh Churches, by Martin Crampin. Y Lolfa, May 2021. ISBN 9781912631162 $37.99


12 Projects in 120 Constraints: Plan:B  Architects, by Felipe Mesa and Federico Mesa. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541422 $24.95

21BB—Model Region Berlin-Brandenburg: Analyses and Visions for the 21st Century, ed. by Barbara Hoidn and Wilfried Wang. Park Books, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9783038602002 $75.00

Abu Simbel: A Short Guide to the Temples, by Nigel Fletcher-Jones. American University in Cairo, Aug. 2021. pbk ISBN 9789774169700 $12.95

Affect, Architecture and Practice, by Kidd Akari Nakai. Taylor & Francis, Jun. 2021. ISBN 9781138487505 $140.00e

American Framing: The Same Something for Everyone, ed. by Bob Somol. Park Books, Aug. 2021. pbk ISBN 9783038601951 $40.00

Analysing Architecture, by Simon Unwin. Taylor & Francis, May 2021. ISBN 9780367523572 $155.00e

Ancient Arms Race: Antiquity’s Largest Fortresses and Sasanian Military Networks of Northern Iran: A Joint Fieldwork Project by the Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handcraft and Tourism Organisation and the Universities of Edinburgh and Durham (2014–2016), ed. by Eberhard Sauer, Jebrael Nokandeh, and Hamid Omrani Rekavandi. Oxbow Books, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9781789254624 $130.00; ebook ISBN 9781789254631 $65.00

Architect’s Legal Handbook: The Law for Architects, ed. by Anthony Speaight QC and Matthew Thorne. Taylor & Francis, Jun. 2021. ISBN 9780367233679 $160.00e

Architecture and Autonomous Robotic Systems: Engaging Matter Via Design-Encoded Events, by Robert Stuart-Smith. Taylor & Francis, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9780367463410 $155.00

Architecture and the Housing Question, ed. by Can Bilsel and Juliana Maxim. Taylor & Francis, May 2021. ISBN 9780815396024 $140.00e

Architecture and the Image at the Turn of the 21st Century, by Sanja Rodes. Taylor & Francis, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9780367405366 $140.00e

The Architecture of the Facade, by Randall Korman. Taylor & Francis, Aug. 2021e. ISBN 9781138851702 $180.00e

Architectures of Fire Safety: Architecture, Fire-Safety and Government, by Ross Liam. Taylor & Francis, Sep. 2021. ISBN 9780367459673 $155.00e

The Art of Siege Warfare and Military Architecture from the Classical World to the Middle Ages, ed. by Michael Eisenberg and Rabei Khamisy. Oxbow Books, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9781789254068 $70.00; ebook ISBN 9781789254075 $35.00

Bangkok Utopia: Modern Architecture and Buddhist Felicities, 1910–1973, by Lawrence Chua. Hawai’i, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780824884604 $75.00 

Building Antebellum New Orleans: Free People of Color and Their Influence, by Tara Dudley. Texas, Aug. 2021. ISBN 9781477323021 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781477323038 price not yet set

The Cannibal’s Cookbook: Mining Myths of Cyclopean Constructions, by Brandon Clifford. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541439 $24.95

China Dialogues, by Vladimir Belogolovsky, Kenneth Frampton, and Crisie Yuan. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541620 $24.95

City of Wood: San Francisco and the Redwood Lumber Industry, 1850–1929, by James Buckley. Texas, Dec. 2021e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering, by Clare J. Olsen and Sinead Mac Namara. Taylor & Francis, Dec. 2021. ISBN 9780367862862 $155.00e

Demographics and Architecture, by Edward Cheung. Longwave Press, Sep. 2021. pbk ISBN 9798673828120 $38.00

Designing a Disaster-Resilient World, by Tao Huang and Eric Anderson. Taylor & Francis, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9780367862923 $155.00e

Designs on Death: The Architecture of Scottish Crematoria, by Hilary Grainger. Birlinn/John Donald, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9781910900307 $75.00 

Developing a Performance-Based Framework for Architects, by Dina Battisto and Deborah Franqui. Taylor & Francis, May 2021. ISBN 9781138805125 $180.00e

Dublin by Design: Architecture and the City, ed. by Sandra O’Connell and Noel J. Brady. The O’Brien Press, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9781788491679 $49.99

Dynamic Geographies, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, by Barbara Wilks et al. ORO Editions, May 2021e. ISBN 9781951541057 $35.00

The Ecologies of the Building Envelope: A Material History and Theory of Architectural Surfaces, by Alejandro Zaera-Polo. Actar, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9781948765183 $49.95

The Evolving Project: The Journal of Architectural Education and the Expansion of Scholarship, by Igor Marjanović, Marc J. Neveu, and Sara Stevens. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541699 $40.00

Faces and Spaces: 40 Years Aedes Architecture Forum, ed. by Kristin Feireiss and Hans-Jürgen Commerell. Park Books, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9783038602163 $35.00

Frank L. Wright and the Architects of Steinway Hall: A Study of Collaboration, by Stuart Cohen. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541507 $35.00

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Forgotten House: How an Omission Transformed the Architect’s Legacy, by Nicholas D. Hayes. Wisconsin, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9780299331801 $29.95

From There to Here, David A. Hansen Architect, by David Hansen and Dar Al-Handasah. ORO Editions, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9781943532957 $49.95

Gesture and Response, by William Pedersen. ORO Editions, May 2021e. ISBN 9781943532308 $60.00

Graphic Design for Architects: A Manual for Visual Communication, by Karen Lewis. Taylor & Francis, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9780367226459 $140.00e

Guide to Chicago’s Twenty-First-Century Architecture, by Chicago Architecture Center and John Hill. Illinois, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9780252085710 $29.95; ebook ISBN 9780252052620 $14.95

Henry of Blois: New Interpretations, ed. by William Kynan-Wilson and John Munns. Boydell & Brewer, Feb. 2021e. ISBN 9781783275748 $99.00

Homelessness and the Built Environment: Designing for Unhoused Persons, by Jill  Pable, Yelena McLane, and Lauren Trujillo. Taylor & Francis, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780367232627 $140.00e

Inspired by Place, by Chase Reynolds Ewald. ORO Editions, May 2021e. ISBN 9781940743820 $75.00 

Internal: Developing Informed Architectural Languages, by Tom Diehl. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541255 $35.00

Introducing Architectural Theory: Debating a Discipline, ed. by Korydon Smith and Miguel Guitart. Taylor & Francis, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780367335175 $140.00e

Kind of Boring: Canonical Work and Other Visible Things Meant to Be Viewed as Architecture, by Paul Preissner. Actar, Jan. 2021. pbk ISBN 9781948765138 $34.95

Lost East Lothian, by Craig Statham. Birlinn/Origin, Jul. 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781912476954 $21.95

The Making of a Modern Hawai’i, by AHL Architecture. ORO Editions, May 2021e. ISBN 9781943532339 $50.00

The Making of Things: Modeling Processes and Effects in Architecture, by Frank Jacobus et al. Taylor & Francis, Jun. 2021. ISBN 9780367415204 $115.00

Manor Lessons: Commons Revisited. Teaching and Research in Architecture, ed. by Sarah Barthn et al. Park Books, May 2021. pbk ISBN 9783038601968 $49.00

The Materiality of Architecture, by Antoine Picon. University of Minnesota Press, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9781517909475 $108.00; pbk ISBN 9781517909482 $27.00; ebook ISBN 9781452963747 $27.00

Matter Aggregation: A Design Studio at UVA, by Philip F. Yuan, Lucia Phinney, and Chao Yan. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541750 $24.95

Michele Saee: Philosophy and Process, by Michele Saee. ORO Editions, May 2021e. ISBN 9781951541293 $60.00

Mise en Scène, by Chris Reed et al. ORO Editions, May 2021e. ISBN 9781951541446 $40.00

Modernity for the Masses: Antonio Bonet’s Dreams for Buenos Aires, by Ana María León. Texas, Mar. 2021. ISBN not yet set $50.00; ebook ISBN 9781477321799 $50.00

Mute Icons: A Pressing Dichotomy in Contemporary Architecture, by Spina Marcelo. Actar, Jan. 2021. pbk ISBN 9781945150869 $34.95

The Obelisk of Luxor and Its Voyage to Paris, by Apollinaire Lebas and Jean-Babtiste. American University in Cairo, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9781617979958 $39.95

Occupation: Boundary: Art, Architecture, and Culture at the Water, by Cathy Simon. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781943532971 $40.00

Pressing Matters 9, by Stuart Weitzman School of Design. ORO Editions, May 2021e. ISBN 9781951541453 $40.00

Rem Koolhaas, OMA + AMO / Spaces for Prada: Source Books in Architecture No. 14, ed. by Benjamin Wilke. Applied Research + Design Publishing, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541545 $49.95

Residential Architecture as Infrastructure: Open Building in Practice, ed. by Stephen Kendall. Taylor & Francis, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780367863135 $155.00e

The Routledge Companion to Architectural Pedagogie, ed. by Ashraf M. Salama, Harriet Harris, and Lara Ane Gonzalez. Taylor & Francis, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9780367893705 $245.00e

The Routledge Companion to Artificial Intelligence in Architecture, ed. by Imdat As and Prithwish Basu. Taylor & Francis, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9780367424589 $230.00

The Routledge Companion to Women in Architecture, ed. by Anna Sokolina. Taylor & Francis, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9780367232344 $220.00e

The Routledge Handbook of Arctic Architecture, Landscape and Urbanism, ed. by Matthew Jull and Leena Cho. Taylor & Francis, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780367234423 $220.00e

Savage Mind to Savage Machine: Racial Science and Twentieth–Century Design, by Ginger Nolan. Minnesota, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9781517905859 $140.00; pbk ISBN 9781517905866 $35.00; ebook ISBN 9781452965512 $35.00

Sergei Tchoban—Lines and Volumes: Encounters with the Architect, Artist, Collector and Museum Founder, ed. by Kristin Feireiss. Park Books, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9783038602057 $35.00

Shaped Places of Carroll County New Hampshire, by McLain Clutter et al. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541651 $19.95

Shaping Places, by Turan Duda and Jeffrey Paine. ORO Editions, May 2021e. ISBN 9781951541101 $60.00

A Solution to Homelessness in Your Town, by Charles Durrett. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781935935452 $19.95

The Speculative City: Art, Real Estate, and the Making of Global Los Angeles, by Susanna Phillips Newbury. Minnesota, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9781517903176 price not yet set; pbk ISBN 9781517903183 price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

The Sustainable City XIV, ed. by G. Passerini and S. Ricci. WIT Press, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9781784664138 $365.00e; ebook ISBN 9781784664145 $365.00e

Terra-Sorta-Firma: Reclaiming the Littoral Gradient, by Fadi Masoud. Actar, Jan. 2021. pbk ISBN 9781948765381 $39.95

Towers of Defiance: Castles and Fortifications of the Welsh Princes, by Paul R Davis. Y Lolfa, May 2021. pbk ISBN 9781912631308 $29.99

Trajectories in Architecture: Plan, Sensation, Temporality, by Michael Jasper. Taylor & Francis, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9780367444259 $155.00e

Trans-Atlantic Engagements: The Contribution and Impact of German Educators to US Architectural Education, by Steffen Lehmann, Alexander Eisenschmidt, and Peter Bosselmann. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541484 $30.00

Typological Drift: Emerging Cities in China, by Shiqiao Li and Esther Lorenz. Applied Research + Design Publishing, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541712 $29.95

Unless: The Seagram Building Construction Ecology, by Kiel Moe. Actar, Jan. 2021. ISBN not yet set $34.95

Visual Delight in Architecture: Daylight, Vision and View, by Lisa Heschong. Taylor & Francis, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9780367563226 $155.00e

Werewolf: The Architecture of Lunacy, Shapeshifting, and Material Metamorphosis, ed. by Caroline O’Donnell and José Ibarra. Applied Research + Design Publishing, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541132 $35.00

What Kind of Architect Are You?, by Udo Greinacher. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541569 $25.00

WWW Drawing: Architectural Drawing: From Pencil to Pixel, ed. by Mehrdad Hadighi. Actar, Jan. 2021. pbk ISBN 9781948765220 $34.95

Fine Arts

After Dante: Divine, Design, and the Cosmos, by Peter Cookson Smith. ORO Editions, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541538 $29.95

Artist as Author: Action and Intent in Late-Modernist American Painting, by Christa Noel Robbins. Chicago, Mar. 2021. ISBN 9780226752952 $45.00; ebook ISBN 9780226753003 $45.00 

A Companion to Australian Art, ed. by Christopher Allen. Wiley, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9781118767580 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781118767955 price not yet set

Discomfort Food: The Culinary Imagination in Late Nineteenth-Century French Art, by Marni Reva Kessler. Minnesota, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9781517908799 price not yet set; pbk ISBN 9781517908805 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781452962757 price not yet set

Durer in Malta, by John Azzopardi. Midsea Books, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9789993276043 $80.00

Francesco Noletti: The Grand Roman Baroque Still-Life, by Gianluca Bocchi and Lisa Xuereb, ed. by Keith Sciberras. Midsea Books, Jan. 2021e. ISBN 9789993276159 $80.00

Garland of Visions: Color, Tantra, and a Material History of Indian Painting, by Jinah Kim. California, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9780520343214 $75.00 

Immanent Vitalities: Meaning and Materi-ality in Modern and Contemporary Art, by Kaira M. Cabañas. California, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780520356221 $50.00

An Inner World: Seventeenth-Century Dutch Genre Painting, by Lara Yeager-Crasselt, Shira Brisman, and Eric Jorink. Pennsylvania /Distribution for the Arthur Ross Gallery, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9781734733808 price not yet set

The Jean-Michel Basquiat Reader: Writings, Interviews, and Critical Responses, by Jordana Moore Saggese. California, Feb. 2021. ISBN 9780520305151 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9780520305168 $34.95

Malta in World War II: Contemporary Watercolours by Alfred Gerada, by Albert Ganado. Midsea Books, Jan. 2021e. pbk ISBN 9789993276166 $65.00

Oregon Painters: Landscape to Modernism, 1859–1959, by Ginny Allen and Jody Klevit. 2nd ed. Oregon State, Mar. 2021e. ISBN 9780870710520 $75.00e; pbk ISBN 9780870710537 $60.00e

Picasso & Les Femmes D’Alger, ed. by Nationalgalerie Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Hirmer, Jun. 2021. ISBN 9783777435848 $39.95

Picturing the Floating World: Ukiyo-e in Context, by Julie Nelson Davia. Hawai’i, Aug. 2021. pbk ISBN 9780824889210 $30.00 

Raphael and the Madonna, ed. by Stephan Koja. Hirmer, Feb. 2021e. ISBN 9783777436180 $35.00

Reflections: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa, by Venetia Porter, Charles Tripp, and Natasha Morris. British Museum, Jan. 2021. pbk ISBN 9780714111957 $40.00

Selling Norman Rockwell: Art, Money, and the Soul of an American Museum, by Timothy Cahill. Rowman & Littlefield, May 2021. ISBN 9781538123331 $30.00; ebook ISBN 9781538123348 $28.50

Visualising Protestant Monarchy: Ceremony, Art and Politics after the Glorious Revolution (1689–1714), by Julie Farguson. 38th ed. Boydell & Brewer, Apr. 2021e. ISBN 9781783275441 $99.00


American Industry, by Kim Steele. Goff Books, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541705 $40.00

André Carrara, Regards, by André Carrara. Editions Hemeria, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9782490952144 $69.95

Behind the Camera: American Women Photographers Who Shaped How We See the World, by Maria Ausherman. Goff Books, May 2021e. pbk ISBN 9781951541514 $25.00

Carrie Mae Weems, ed. by Sarah Lewis. MIT, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9780262043762 $45.00; pbk ISBN 9780262538596 $24.95

Complements: Eloquence of Small Objects, by Patricia W. Smith. Goff Books, May 2021e. ISBN 9781951541743 $30.00

A Country No More: Rediscovering the Landscapes of John James Audubon, by Krista Elrick. George F Thompson Publishing, Apr. 2021. ISBN 9781938086809 $55.00 

Faces: Portraits between Wars, ed. by Walter Moser. Hirmer, Apr. 2021e. ISBN 9783777435794 $45.00 

Mediterranean Planet, by Laurent Ballesta. Editions Hemeria, Jan. 2021. ISBN 9782490952106 $89.00

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