Forthcoming Titles in African American Studies, 2022

A list of the latest and soon-to-be-released publications through March 2023.


Becoming into Being for the Black Clerisy: Manifestation of an Academician, Scholar, and Quintessential Opsimath, by Jeton McClinton. Academica Press, Feb. 2022. ISBN 9781680537628 $99.95; ebook ISBN 9781680537642 $79.96

The Black Experience in Design: Identity, Expression & Reflection, by Anne H. Berry et al. Allworth Press, Feb. 2022. pbk ISBN 9781621537854 $19.99; ebook ISBN 9781621537861 $14.99

Black Feminist Epistemology, Research, and Praxis: Narratives in and through the Academy, ed. by Christa J. Porter, Thandi V. Sulé, and Natasha N. Croom. Taylor & Francis Group, Jul. 2022e. ISBN 9781032026381 $160.00e

Building Mentorship Networks to Support Black Women: A Guide to Succeeding in the Academy, ed. by Bridget Turner Kelly and Sharon L. Fries-Britt. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2022e. ISBN 9780367704094 $160.00e

Homeschooling Black Children in the U.S.: Theory, Practice, and Popular Culture, ed. by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman and Cheryl Fields-Smith. Information Age Publishing, Inc., Feb. 2022e. pbk ISBN $45.99e

Imagining the Future: Historically Black Colleges and Universities—a Matter of Survival, ed. by Gary B. Crosby et al. Hilton. Information Age Publishing, Inc., Feb. 2022e. pbk ISBN $45.99e

Narratives of (Dis)Enfranchisement: Reckoning with the History of Libraries and the Black and African American Experience, by Tracey Overbey and Amanda L. Folk. ALA Editions, Mar. 2022e. pbk ISBN 9780838937372 $24.99

Power Lines: Connecting with Teens in Urban Communities through Media Literacy, by Jimmeka Anderson and Kelly Czarnecki. ALA Editions, Feb. 2022e. pbk ISBN 9780838937907 $49.99

Race and Higher Education: The Reproduction of Inequality, by Kalwant Bhopal, Martin Myers, and Clare Pitkin. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2022e. ISBN 9780367558024 $155.00e

Racial Equity on College Campuses: Connecting Research and Practice, ed. by Royel M. Johnson, Uju Anya, and Liliana M. Garces. SUNY, Feb. 2022. ISBN 9781438487076 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781438487083 $95

Film & Theatre

Cinema’s Original Sin: D.W. Griffith, American Racism, and the Rise of Film Culture, by Paul McEwan. Texas, Aug. 2022. ISBN 9781477325483 $55.00; pbk ISBN 9781477325490 Price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781477325506 $90.00

Hollywood Films in North Africa and the Middle East: A History of Circulation, by Nolwenn Mingant. SUNY, May 2022. ISBN 9781438488554 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781438488561 $95.00

Visualizing Black Lives: Ownership and Control in Afro-Brazilian Media, by Reighan Gillam. Illinois, Apr. 2022e. ISBN 9780252044410 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9780252086489 $26.00; ebook ISBN 9780252053405 $19.95


Black Women and Public Health: Strategies to Name, Locate, and Change Systems of Power, ed. by Stephanie Y. Evans et al. SUNY, Feb. 2022. ISBN 9781438487311 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781438487335 $95.00

A Handbook on Counseling African American Women: Psychological Symptoms, Treatments, and Case Studies, by Kimber Shelton, Michelle King Lyn, and Mahlet Endale. ABC-CLIO, Feb. 2022. ISBN 9781440875953 $75.00; ebook ISBN 9781440875960 $75.00e

Race, Racism and Political Correctness in Comedy: A Psychoanalytic Exploration, by Jack Black. Taylor & Francis Group, Apr. 2022e. ISBN 9780367508951 $155.00e


The Alchemy of Slavery: Human Bondage and Emancipation in the Illinois Country, 1730–1865, by M. Scott Heerman. Pennsylvania, Mar. 2022. pbk ISBN 9780812225174 $24.95

The Archaeology of Race and Class at Timbuctoo: A Black Community in New Jersey, by Christopher P. Barton. University Press of Florida, Mar. 2022e. ISBN 9780813069272 $80.00; ebook ISBN 9780813070049 $120.00

Bertha Maxwell-Roddey: A Modern-Day Race Woman and the Power of Black Leadership, by Sonya Y. Ramsey. University Press of Florida, Jun. 2022e. ISBN 9780813069326 $35.00; ebook ISBN 9780813070100 Price not yet set

Black Disability Politics, by Sami Schalk. Duke, Sep. 2022e. ISBN 9781478023258 $99.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478025009 $25.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478027003 $99.95e

The Black Republic: African Americans and the Fate of Haiti, by Brandon R. Byrd. Pennsylvania, Mar. 2022. pbk ISBN 9780812225198 $24.95

Buy Black: How Black Women Transformed US Pop Culture, by Aria S. Halliday. Illinois, Mar. 2022e. ISBN 9780252086359 $110; pbk ISBN 9780252086359 $24.95; ebook ISBN 9780252053269 $14.95

The Civil Rights Movement: Facts and Fictions, by David G. Holmes. ABC-CLIO, Sep. 2022e. ISBN 9781440871320 $63.00; ebook ISBN 9781440871337 $63.00e

Denmark Vesey’s Bible: The Thwarted Revolt That Put Slavery and Scripture on Trial, by Jeremy Schipper. Princeton, Feb. 2022. ISBN 9780691192864 $26.95; ebook ISBN 9780691212678 Price not yet set

A Diasporic History of African Americans: Culture and Resistance, by Leslie Alexander et al. Taylor & Francis Group, May 2022e. ISBN 9780367499235 $15.00e

Drops of Inclusivity: Racial Equations and Meanings in Puerto Rican Society, 1898–1965, by Milagros Denis-Rosario. SUNY, Jun. 2022. ISBN 9781438488691 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781438488707 $95.00

The Education of Betsey Stockton: An Odyssey of Slavery and Freedom, by Gregory Nobles. Chicago, Apr. 2022. ISBN 9780226697727 $25.00; ebook ISBN 9780226697864 $24.99

The Emancipation Circuit: Black Activism Forging a Culture of Freedom, by Thulani Davis. Duke, May 2022e. ISBN 9781478015567 $114.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018193 $28.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478022800 $114.95e

Encyclopedia of African-American Writing, 4th ed. Grey House Publishing, Nov. 2022. ISBN 9781637001653 $165.00; ebook ISBN 9781637001660 $206.00

Foundations of Social Justice, by Nicole A. Cooke. ALA Neal-Schuman, May 2022e. pbk ISBN 9780838937846 $54.99

The Global History of Black Girlhood, ed. by Corinne T. Field and LaKisha Michelle Simmons. Illinois, Aug. 2022e. ISBN 9780252044625 $125.00; pbk ISBN 9780252086694 $24.95 Price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9780252053634 $14.95

The Harlem Renaissance: An Encyclopedia of Arts, Culture, and History, ed. by Venetria K. Patton and Kwakiutl L. Dreher. ABC-CLIO, Mar. 2023. ISBN 9781440865107 $204.00; ebook ISBN 9781440865114 $204.00e

Harriet Tubman: A Reference Guide to Her Life and Works, by Kate Clifford Larson, ed. by Jon Woronoff. Rowman & Littlefield, Apr. 2022. ISBN 9781538113561 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781538113578 $61.50

Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Cultivating Black Intellectualism and Economic Growth, by Larry J. Walker and Ramon B. Goings. ABC-CLIO, Dec. 2022e. ISBN 9781440865428 $50.00; ebook ISBN 9781440865435 $50.00e

A House Built by Slaves: African American Visitors to the Lincoln White House, by Jonathan W. White, ed. by Jon Sisk. Rowman & Littlefield, Feb. 2022. ISBN 9781538161807 $26.00; ebook ISBN 9781538161814 $24.50

A House for the Struggle: The Black Press and the Built Environment in Chicago, by E. James West. Illinois, Mar. 2022e. ISBN 9780252044328 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9780252086397 $24.95; ebook ISBN 9780252053313 $14.95

The Life of Madie Hall Xuma: Black Women’s Global Activism during Jim Crow and Apartheid, by Wanda A. Hendricks. Illinois, Aug. 2022. ISBN 9780252044564 $125.00; pbk ISBN 9780252086649 $24.95; ebook ISBN 9780252053573 $14.95

Living in the Future: Utopianism and the Long Civil Rights Movement, by Victoria W. Wolcott. Chicago, Mar. 2022. ISBN 9780226817255 $30.00; ebook ISBN 9780226817279 $29.99

Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Life in American History, by Jamie J. Wilson. ABC-CLIO, Sep. 2022. ISBN 9781440864001 $63.00; ebook ISBN 9781440864018 $63.00e

Martin Luther King Jr.: A Reference Guide to His Life and Works, by Peter Ling, ed. by Jon Woronoff. Rowman & Littlefield, Apr. 2022. ISBN 9781538113585 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781538113592 $61.50

Our Kind of Historian: The Work and Activism of Lerone Bennett Jr., by James E. West. Massachusetts, Jul. 2022. ISBN 9781625346469 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9781625346452 Price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9781613769232 $90.00

Riding Jane Crow: African American Women on the American Railroad, by Miriam Thaggert. Illinois, Jun. 2022. ISBN 9780252044526 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9780252086595 $22.95; ebook ISBN 9780252053528 $14.95

Subversive Habits: Black Catholic Nuns in the Long African American Freedom Struggle, by Shannen Dee Williams. Duke, Apr. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015574 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018209 $27.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478022817 $104.95e

To Live Peaceably Together: The American Friends Service Committee’s Campaign for Open Housing, by Tracy E. K’Meyer. Chicago, Apr. 2022. ISBN 9780226817811 $45.00; ebook ISBN 9780226817828 $44.99

To Reach the Nation’s Ear: A History of African American Public Speaking, by Richard W. Leeman, ed. by John David Smith. Rowman & Littlefield, May 2022. ISBN 9781538112311 $34.00; ebook ISBN 9781538112328 $32.00

Trailblazers, Black Women Who Helped Make America Great: American Firsts/American Icons, Volume 4, by Gabrielle David. 2Leaf Press, May 2022. pbk ISBN 9781737446507 $34.99

Violent Utopia: Dispossession and Restoration in Tulsa, by Jovan Scott Lewis. Duke, Sep. 2022e. ISBN 9781478016014 $99.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018568 $26.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478023265 $99.95e

We Carry Their Bones, by Kimmerle, Erin. William Morrow, Jun. 2022. ISBN 9780063030244 $27.99; ebook ISBN 9780063030268 $21.99

Work Requirements: Race, Disability, and the Print Culture of Social Welfare, by Todd Carmody. Duke, Aug. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015444 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018070 $28.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478022688 $104.95e

Working Americans, 1880–2022: Vol. 7: Social Movements, 3rd ed. Grey House Publishing, Aug. 2022. ISBN 9781637001547 $150.00; ebook ISBN 9781637001554 $188.00

Language & Literature

African American Literature in Transition, 1750–1800, ed. by Rhondda Robinson Thomas. Cambridge, Mar. 2022. ISBN 9781108495073 $120.00; pbk ISBN 9781108816908 $39.99; ebook ISBN 9781108860864 $96.00

American Song and Struggle from Columbus to World War 2: A Cultural History, by Will Kaufman. Cambridge, May 2022. ISBN 9781316514337 $39.99; pbk ISBN 9781009078092 $29.99; ebook ISBN 9781009086769 $32.99

Annotations: On the Early Thought of W. E. B. Du Bois, by Nahum Dimitri Chandler. Duke, Aug. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015796 $94.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018421 $24.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478023029 $94.95e

Critical Insights: The Color Purple, Salem Press, Mar. 2022. ISBN 9781637000694 $105.00; ebook ISBN 9781637000700 $105.00

Ethnic American Literatures and Critical Race Narratology, ed. by Alexa Weik von Mossner, Marijana Mikić, and Mario Grill. Taylor & Francis Group, May 2022e. ISBN 9781032198538 $160.00e

King’s Vibrato: Modernism, Blackness, and the Sonic Life of Martin Luther King Jr., by Maurice O. Wallace. Duke, Sep. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015741 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018407 $28.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478022992 $104.95e

Or, on being the other woman, by Simone White. Duke, Aug. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015826 $84.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018469 $22.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478023067 $84.95e

Outside Literary Studies: Black Criticism and the University, by Andy Hines. Chicago, Apr. 2022. ISBN 9780226818566 $95.00; pbk ISBN 9780226818580 $27.50; ebook ISBN 9780226818573 $26.99

Paul Laurence Dunbar: The Life and Times of a Caged Bird, by Gene Andrew Jarrett. Princeton, May 2022. ISBN 9780691150529 $29.95.00; ebook ISBN 9780691235158 $29.95

Promoting African American Writers: Library Partnerships for Outreach, Programming, and Literacy, by Grace M. Jackson-Brown. ABC-CLIO (Libraries Unlimited), Sep. 2022. pbk ISBN 9781440870279 $65.00; ebook ISBN 9781440870286 $65.00

Race in American Literature and Culture, by John Ernest. Cambridge, Apr. 2022. ISBN 9781108487399 $39.99; pbk ISBN 9781108720144 $29.99e; ebook ISBN 9781108766654 $32.99

The Racial Unfamiliar: Illegibility in African American Literature and Culture, by John Brooks. Columbia, Jun. 2022. ISBN 9780231205023 $120.00e; pbk ISBN 9780231205030 $30.00e; ebook ISBN 9780231555807 $29.99e

Tales from Du Bois: The Queer Intimacy of Cross-Caste Romance, by Erika Renée Williams. SUNY, Apr. 2022. ISBN 9781438488196 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781438488202 $95.00

The Textual Effects of David Walker’s “Appeal”: Print-Based Activism against Slavery, Racism, and Discrimination, 1829–1851, by Marcy J. Dinius. Pennsylvania, Apr. 2022. ISBN 9780812253788 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9780812298390 $55.00

Music & Dance

Black Power Music!: Protest Songs, Message Music, and the Black Power Movement, by Reiland Rabaka. Taylor & Francis Group, Feb. 2022e. ISBN 9781032184326 $160.00e

For the Culture: Hip-Hop and the Fight for Social Justice, ed. by Lakeyta M. Bonnette-Bailey and Adolphus G. Belk, Jr. Michigan, Feb. 2022. ISBN 9780472132867 $80.00; ebook ISBN 9780472129713 $64.95

Music in Black American Life, 1600–1945: A University of Illinois Press Anthology, ed. by Laurie Matheson. Illinois, May 2022e. ISBN 9780252044571 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9780252086656 $28.00; ebook ISBN 9780252053580 $19.95 Price not yet set

Music in Black American life, 1945–2020: A University of Illinois Press Anthology, ed. by Laurie Matheson. Illinois, May 2022e. ISBN 9780252044588 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9780252086663 $28.00; ebook ISBN 9780252053597 $19.95

Politics & Law

African American Political Thought: Contestation for Change, by Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro. Polity Press, Nov. 2022e. ISBN 9781509539086 $69.95e; pbk ISBN 9781509539093 $26.95e

Black Leadership Matters: Talking Race at Work, by Barbara Banda. Taylor & Francis Group, Jul. 2022e. ISBN 9781032060538 $160.00e

Critical Race Judgments, ed. by Bennett Capers et al. Cambridge, Feb. 2022. ISBN 9781107164529 $120.00; pbk ISBN 9781316616451 $39.99

Legal Spectatorship: Slavery and the Visual Culture of Domestic Violence, by Kelli Moore. Duke, Jun. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015703 $99.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018346 $25.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478022947 $99.95e

Race, Class, and Precinct Quality in American Cities, by Matt Barreto. Springer, Apr. 2022e. ISBN 9781461416319 $129.00; ebook ISBN 9781461416326 $99.00

W.E.B. Du Bois, Ethiopianism, and Black Internationalism: A New Interpretation of the Global Color Line, by Ras Wayne Rose, ed. by Mustapha K. Pasha, Meera Sabaratnam, and Robbie Shilliam. Rowman & Littlefield, Jul. 2022. ISBN 9781538160015 $120.00; ebook ISBN 9781538160022 $38.00

Religion & Philosophy

Black Religious Activism: Exploring the Issues, by Richard A. Thomas. ABC-CLIO, Sep. 2022. ISBN 9781440870217 $40.00; ebook ISBN 9781440870224 $40.00

Cistem Failure: Essays on Blackness and Cisgender, by Marquis Bey. Duke, Aug. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015802 $94.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018445 $24.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478023036 $94.95e

Creolizing Phenomenology: Black, Latina, Queer, Feminist, and East-Asian Interventions, by Lisa M. Anderson, Patricia Huntington, and Jacqueline M. Martinez. Rowman & Littlefield, Jul. 2022. ISBN 9781538157817 $115.00; ebook ISBN 9781538157824 $45.00

Sissy Insurgencies: A Racial Anatomy of Unfit Manliness, by Marlon B. Ross. Duke, Feb. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015215 $114.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478015215 $31.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478022459 $114.95e

The Surrounds: Urban Life within and beyond Capture, by AbdouMaliq Simone. Duke, Jun. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015505 $94.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018131 $24.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478022749 $94.95e


Addiction Recovery and Resilience: Faith-Based Health Services in an African American Community, by Townsand Price-Spratlen. SUNY, Feb. 2022. ISBN 9781438487373 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781438487397 $95.00

Black Thought: A Theory of Articulation, by Victor Peterson. Taylor & Francis Group, Feb. 2022e. ISBN 9780367694135 $160.00e

The Enduring, Invisible, and Ubiquitous Centrality of Whiteness, ed. by Kenneth V. Hardy. Norton Professional Books, Apr. 2022. pbk ISBN 9781324016908 $29.95

The Florida Room, by Alexandra T. Vazquez. Duke, Apr. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015307 $99.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478017929 $25.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478022541 $99.95e

Panama in Black: Afro-Caribbean World Making and the Promise of Diaspora, by Kaysha Corinealdi. Duke, Sep. 2022e. ISBN 9781478015895 $99.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478018513 $26.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478023128 $99.95e

The Paradox of Urban Revitalization: Progress and Poverty in America’s Postindustrial Era, by Howard Gillette, Jr. Pennsylvania, Mar. 2022. ISBN 9780812253719 $39.95; ebook ISBN 9780812298338 $39.95

Racial Justice and Nonviolence Education: Building the Beloved Community, One Block at a Time, by Arthur Romano. Taylor & Francis Group, Mar. 2022e. ISBN 9781032150642 $160.00e

Socio-cultural and Clinical Perspectives on Tolerance: Coping with Painful Otherness, ed. by Avi Berman, Gila Ofer. Taylor & Francis Group, Apr. 2022e. ISBN 9781032060101 $160.00e

Structural Racism in America: Sociological Theory, Education Inequality, and Social Change, ed. by Rashawn Ray and Hoda Mahmoudi. Taylor & Francis Group, Feb. 2022e. ISBN 9781032125930 $160.00e

What’s Your Zip Code Story?: Understanding and Overcoming Class Dynamics at Work, by CJ Gross, Foreword by Howard J. Ross. Rowman & Littlefield, May 2022. ISBN 9781538160589 $32.00; ebook ISBN 9781538160596 $30.00