Forthcoming Titles in African American Studies, 2019

A list of the latest and soon-to-be-released publications through September 2019.

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[Ed. Note: Bibliographic data is supplied by publishers and includes anticipated release date, price, and ISBN. Estimated prices and release dates are followed by an “e.” Release dates, prices, and titles are subject to change. This list does not represent titles reviewed in Choice, but many of them will be reviewed throughout the year as they are released.]


Art & Architecture

Art for People’s Sake: Artists and Community in Black Chicago, 1965–75, by Rebecca Zorach. Duke, Mar. 2019e. ISBN 9781478001003 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478001409 $28.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478002468 $28.95e

Graphic Memories of the Civil Rights Movement: Reframing History in Comics, by Jorge Santos. Texas, May 2019. ISBN 9781477318263 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9781477318270 $29.95; ebook ISBN 9781477318287 $90.00 

Stick to the Skin: African American and Black British Art, 1965–2015, by Celeste-Marie Bernier. California, Jan. 2019. ISBN 9780520286535 $85.00

The Romare Bearden Reader, ed. by Robert G. O’Meally. Duke, May 2019e. ISBN 9781478000440 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478000587 $28.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478002260 $28.95e

Language & Literature

Animating Black and Brown Liberation: A Theory of American Literatures, by Michael Datcher. SUNY, Apr. 2019. ISBN 9781438473390 $85.00; pbk ISBN 9781438473406 $24.95 

Black Madness: Mad Blackness, by Therí Alyce Pickens. Duke, May 2019e. ISBN 9781478003748 $89.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478004042 $23.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478005506 $23.95e

How I Learned What I Learned, by August Wilson. Theatre Communications Group, Feb. 2019e. pbk ISBN 9781559365857 $14.95; ebook ISBN 9781559369008 $14.99 

A Literate South: Readers and Ordinary Culture before Emancipation, by Beth Barton Schweiger. Yale, Jun. 2019e. ISBN 9780300112535 $35.00e

Narratives of African American Women’s Literary Pragmatism and Creative Democracy, by Gregory Phipps. Palgrave Macmillan, Feb. 2019e. ISBN 9783030018535 $89.99e; ebook ISBN 9783030018542 price not yet set

New-Generation African Poets: A Chapbook Box Set (Sita), ed. by Kwame Dawes and Chris Abani. Akashic Books, May 2019. ISBN 9781617757174 $34.95

Performing Arts

Ain’t I A Diva?: Politicizing Beyoncé and the Power of Pop Culture Pedagogy, by Kevin Allred. Feminist Press, Jun. 2019. pbk ISBN 9781936932603 $18.95; ebook ISBN 9781936932610 $18.95 

Building the Black Arts Movement: Hoyt Fuller and the Cultural Politics of the 1960s, by Jonathan Fenderson. Illinois, May 2019. ISBN 9780252042430 $99.00; pbk ISBN 9780252084225 $24.95; ebook ISBN 9780252051272 price not yet set

Go Ahead in the Rain, by Hanif Abdurraqib. Texas, Feb. 2019. pbk ISBN 9781477316481 $16.95; ebook ISBN 9781477318430 $16.95 


Bloodflowers: Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Photography, and the 1980s, by W. Ian Bourland. Duke, Feb. 2019e. ISBN 9781478000686 $99.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478000891 $26.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478000686 $26.95e

Religion & Philosophy

Beyond Bergson: Examining Race and Colonialism through the Writings of Henri Bergson, ed. by Andrea J. Pitts and Mark William Westmoreland. SUNY, Apr. 2019. ISBN 9781438473512 $85.00

Queering Black Atlantic Religions, by Roberto Strongman. Duke, Mar. 2019e. ISBN 9781478001973 $99.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478003106 $25.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478003458 $25.95e

Spirit on the Move: Black Women and Pentecostalism in Africa and the Diaspora, ed. by Judith Casselberry and Elizabeth A. Pritchard. Duke, Mar. 2019e. ISBN 9781478000136 $94.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478000327 $24.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478002116 $24.95e

Taking It to the Streets: Lessons from a Life of Urban Ministry, by Harry L. Williams II. InterVarsity Press, Jun. 2019. pbk ISBN 9780830845620 $17.00 


50 Events That Shaped African American History: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic, ed. by Jamie J. Wilson. Greenwood, Jul. 2019. ISBN 9781440837869 $198.00; ebook ISBN 9781440837876 

African Americans and the Presidents: Politics and Policies from Washington to Trump, by F. Erik Brooks and Glenn L. Starks. Greenwood, May 2019. ISBN 9781440862113 $94.00; ebook ISBN 9781440862120 

Critical Insights: Martin Luther King Jr., ed. by Robert C. Evans. Salem Press, Feb. 2019e. ISBN 9781642650303 $105.00

Science, Technology & Health

Captivating Technology: Race, Carceral Technoscience, and Liberatory Imagination in Everyday Life, ed. by Ruha Benjamin. Duke, May 2019e. ISBN 9781478003236 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478003816 $28.95e; ebook ISBN 978178004493 $28.95e

Social & Behavioral Sciences


Black Women and Social Justice Education: Legacies and Lessons, ed. by Stephanie Y. Evans, Andrea D. Domingue, and Tania D. Mitchell. SUNY, Mar. 2019. ISBN 9781438472959 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9781438472942 $34.95

Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Cultivating Black Intellectualism and Economic Growth, by Larry J. Walker and Ramon B. Goings. Praeger, Apr. 2019. ISBN 9781440865428 $48.00; ebook ISBN 9781440865435 

How Girls Achieve, by Sally A. Nuamah. Harvard, Mar. 2019. ISBN 9780674980228 $24.95

Integration Now: Alexander v. Holmes and the End of Jim Crow Education, by William P. Hustwit. North Carolina, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9781469648552 $39.95; ebook ISBN 9781469648569 $29.99 

Let Them Shine: Inspiring Stories of Empowering Children, by Michael Alan Haggood. Redleaf Press, Jun. 2019e. pbk ISBN 9781605546445 $24.95; ebook ISBN 9781605546452 $24.95 

The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges Are Failing Disadvantaged Students, by Anthony Abraham Jack. Harvard, Mar. 2019. ISBN 9780674976894 $27.95

Shelter in a Time of Storm: How Black Colleges Fostered Generations of Leadership and Activism, by Jelani M. Favors. North Carolina, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9781469648330 $29.95; ebook ISBN 9781469648347 $22.99 

Slavery and the University: Histories and Legacies, ed. by Leslie M. Harris, James T. Campbell, and Alfred L. Brophy. Georgia, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9780820354439 $99.95; pbk ISBN 9780820354422 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9780820354446 $34.95 

Unsung Legacies of Educators and Events in African American Education, ed. by Andrea Lewis and Nicole A. Taylor. Palgrave Macmillan, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9783319901275 $99.99e; ISBN 9783319901282 price not yet set


African Americans and Africa: Links in History, by Nemata Blyden. Yale, May 2019e. ISBN 9780300198669 $28.00e

American Founders: How People of African Descent Established Freedom in the New World, by Christina Proenza-Coles. NewSouth Books, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9781588383310 $29.95

The Archaeology of Northern Slavery and Freedom, by James A. Delle. Florida, Jul. 2019e. ISBN 9780813056364 $80.00e

Black Ball 11: New Research in African American Baseball History, ed. by Leslie A. Heaphy. McFarland, Feb. 2019e. pbk ISBN 9781476675114 $35.00 

Black Huntington: An Appalachian Story, by Cicero M. Fain III. Illinois, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9780252042591 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9780252084423 $27.95; ebook ISBN 9780252051432 

The Black Kingdom of the Nile, by Charles Bonnet. Harvard, May 2019. ISBN 9780674986671 $29.95

Black Market: Slavery, Capitalism, and National Culture after 1865, by Aaron Carico. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Jake Gaither, Florida A&M, and the History of Black College Football, by Derrick E. White. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

A Brotherhood of Liberty: Black Reconstruction and Its Legacies in Baltimore, 1865–1920, by Dennis Patrick Halpin. Pennsylvania, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9780812251395 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9780812296211 price not yet set

Department Stores and the Black Freedom Movement: Workers, Consumers, and Civil Rights from the 1930s to the 1980s, by Traci Parker. North Carolinaa, Apr. 2019. ISBN 9781469648668 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9781469648675 $27.95; ebook ISBN 9781469648682 $21.99 

Fighting for Citizenship: Black Northerners and the Civil War, by Brian M. Taylor. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Gullah Days: Hilton Head Islanders before the Bridge, 1861–1956, by Thomas C Barnwell, Jr. Emory Shaw Campbell and Carolyn Grant. Blair, Aug. 2019. pbk ISBN 9781949467079 $21.95 

Hattiesburg: An American City in Black and White, by William Sturkey. Harvard, Mar. 2019. ISBN 9780674976351 $29.95

A Haven and a Hell: The Ghetto in Black America, by Lance Freeman. Columbia, Apr. 2019. ISBN 9780231184601 $32.00; ebook ISBN 9780231545570 $31.99 

Illusions of Emancipation: The Pursuit of Freedom and Equality in the Twilight of Slavery, by Joseph P. Reidy. North Carolina, Mar. 2019. ISBN 9781469648361 $39.95; ebook ISBN 9781469648378 $29.99 

Intimate Voices: Narrating Slavery and Diaspora in French Louisiana, by Sophie White. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

King Shaka: Zulu Legend, by Luke W. Molver. Catalyst Press/Story Press Africa, Sep. 2019. pbk ISBN 9781946498908 price not yet set

Maroon Nation: A History of Revolutionary Haiti, by Johnhenry Gonzalez. Yale, Jun. 2019e. ISBN 9780300230086 $40.00e

Moral Contagion: Black Atlantic Sailors, Citizenship, and Diplomacy in Antebellum America, by Michael A. Schoeppner. Cambridge, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9781108469999 $59.99e

Occupied Territory: Policing Black Chicago from Red Summer to Black Power, by Simon Balto. North Carolina, Apr. 2019. ISBN 9781469649597 $34.95; ebook ISBN 9781469649603 $26.99 

Policing the Open Road: How Cars Transformed American Freedom, by Sarah A. Seo. Harvard, Apr. 2019. ISBN 9780674980860 $28.95

Princess of Hither Isles: A Black Suffragist’s Story from the Jim Crow South, by Adele Logan Alexander. Yale, Apr. 2019e. ISBN 9780300242607 $28.00e

Rebellious Passage: The Creole Revolt and America’s Coastal Slave Trade, by Jeffrey R. Kerr-Ritchie. Cambridge, Apr. 2019e. ISBN 9781108476249 $99.99e; pbk ISBN 9781108700009 $29.99e

Representing Citizens: The Civil Rights Work of Black Image Professionals from the New Deal to the Cold War, by Brenna Wynn Greer. Pennsylvania, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9780812251432 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9780812296372 price not yet set

Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth, by Kevin M. Levin. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Slave No More: Self-Liberation before Abolitionism in the Americas, by Aline Helg; translated by Lara Vergnaud. North Carolina, Mar. 2019. ISBN 9781469649627 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9781469649634 $29.95; ebook ISBN 9781469649641 $22.99 

Slaves, Slaveholders, and a Kentucky Community’s Struggle toward Freedom, by Elizabeth D. Leonard. Kentucky, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9780813176666 $50.00; ebook ISBN 9780813176680 $50.00 

They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South, by Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers. Yale, Feb. 2019e. ISBN 9780300218664 $30.00e

To Turn the Whole World Over: Black Women and Internationalism, ed. by Keisha N. Blain and Tiffany M. Gill. Illinois, Mar. 2019e. ISBN 9780252042317 $99.00; pbk ISBN 9780252084119 $26.00; ebook ISBN 9780252051166 price not yet set

Twice Forgotten: Oral Histories of African American Veterans of the Korean War, by David P. Cline. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Virginia 1619: Slavery and Freedom in the Making of English America, ed. by Paul Musselwhite et al. North Carolina, Jun. 2019. ISBN 9781469652016 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9781469651798 $27.95; ebook ISBN 9781469651804 $22.99 

Workers on Arrival: Black Labor in the Making of America, by Joe William Trotter Jr. California, Feb. 2019e. ISBN 9780520299450 $29.95; ebook ISBN 9780520971172 $29.95 

Politics & Law

Aim High: The Life and Times of Shirley Chisholm, by Anastasia C. Curwood. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Black Women as Leaders: Challenging and Transforming Society, by Lori Latrice Martin. Praeger, May 2019. ISBN 9781440866241 $60.00; ebook ISBN 9781440866258 

Caging Borders and Carceral States: Incarcerations, Immigration Detentions, and Resistance, ed. by Robert T. Chase. North Carolina, May 2019. ISBN 9781469651231 $100.00; pbk ISBN 9781469651248 $29.95; ebook ISBN 9781469651255 $22.99 

Class, Race, and the Civil Rights Movement: The Changing Political Economy of Southern Racism, by Jack M. Bloom; foreword by Richard Gordon Hatcher, 2nd ed. Indiana, Aug. 2019. ISBN 9780253042460 $80.00; pbk ISBN 9780253204073 $24.00; ebook ISBN 9780253042491 $31.99 

Class Struggle and the Color Line: American Socialism and the Race Question, 1900–1930, by Paul Heideman. Haymarket Books, Feb. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781608467778 $21.00 

Crime and Punishment in the Jim Crow South, ed. by Amy Louise Wood and Natalie J. Ring. Illinois, Jun. 2019e. ISBN 9780252042409 $99.00; pbk ISBN 9780252084195 $26.00; ebook ISBN 9780252051241 price not yet set

Democracy’s Capital: Local Protest, National Politics, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Washington, D.C., by Lauren Pearlman. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Exiles, Entrepreneurs, and Educators: African Americans in Ghana, by Steven J. L. Taylor. SUNY, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9781438474717 $80.00e

Force and Freedom: Black Abolitionists and the Politics of Violence, by Kellie Carter Jackson. Pennsylvania, Feb. 2019. ISBN 9780812251159 price not yet set; ebook ISBN 9780812295870 price not yet set

Global Garveyism, ed. by Ronald J. Stephens and Adam Ewing. Florida, Mar. 2019. ISBN 9780813056210 $95.00

Looking Back on President Barack Obama’s Legacy: Hope and Change, ed. by Wilbur C. Rich. Palgrave Macmillan, Feb. 2019e. ISBN 9783030015442 $119.99e; ebook ISBN 9783030015459 $89.99e

Poll Power: The Voter Education Project and the Movement for the Ballot in the American South, by Evan Faulkenbury. North Carolina, May 2019. ISBN 9781469651316 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9781469652009 $27.95; ebook ISBN 9781469651323 $21.99 

Robert R. Church Jr. and the African American Political Struggle, by Darius J. Young. Florida, Mar. 2019. ISBN 9780813056272 $80.00; ebook ISBN 9780813057064 $84.00 

A Terrible Thing to Waste: Arthur Fletcher and the Conundrum of the Black Republican, by David Hamilton Golland. Kansas, May 2019e. ISBN 9780700627646 $37.50e

“Those Who Know Don’t Say”: The Nation of Islam, Black Nationalist Politics, and the Carceral State, by Garrett Felber. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set


The Afterlife of Reproductive Slavery: Biocapitalism and Black Feminism’s Philosophy of History, by Alys Eve Weinbaum. Duke, Mar. 2019e. ISBN 9781478001768 $99.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478002840 $26.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478003281 $26.95e

Black Food Geographies: Race, Self-Reliance, and Food Access in the Nation’s Capital, by Ashanté M. Reese; foreword by Dara Cooper. North Carolina, Apr. 2019. ISBN 9781469651491 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9781469651507 $22.95; ebook ISBN 9781469651514 $21.99 

Black in Place: The Spatial Aesthetics of Race in a Post-Chocolate City, by Brandi Summers. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Chocolate Cities, by Marcus Anthony Hunter and Zandria F. Robinson. California, Feb. 2019e. ISBN 9780520292826 $85.00; pbk ISBN 9780520292833 $29.95; ebook ISBN 9780520966178 $29.95 

Dealing with Differences, by Chuck Grose. Vernon Press, Mar. 2019. ISBN 9781622734405 $59.00

Earl Campbell: A Story of Football, Race, and Sacrifice, by Asher Price. Texas, Sep. 2019e. ISBN 9781477316498 price not yet set

The Myth of Equality: Uncovering the Roots of Injustice and Privilege (expanded edition), by Ken Wytsma, 2nd ed. InterVarsity Press, Jul. 2019. pbk ISBN 9780830845682 $17.00

Neo-race Realities in the Obama Era, ed. by Heather E. Harris. SUNY, May 2019. ISBN 9781438474151 $85.00e

Race for Profit: Black Housing and the Urban Crisis of the 1970s, by Keeanga Yamahtta Taylor. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Racism and Civil Rights: Police Torture in the American South, 1930–1955, by Silvan Niedermeier and Paul Cohen (translator). North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set

Racism Post-Race, ed. by Roopali Mukherjee, Sarah Banet-Weiser, and Herman Gray. Duke, Jun. 2019e. ISBN 9781478001386 $104.95e; pbk ISBN 9781478001805 $27.95e; ebook ISBN 9781478003250 $27.95e

The Revolution Will Not Be Theorized: Cultural Revolution in the Black Power Era, by Errol A. Henderson. SUNY, Aug. 2019. ISBN 9781438475431 $95.00e

Seeing Race Again: Countering Colorblindness across the Disciplines, by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw et al. California, Feb. 2019e. ISBN 9780520300972 $85.00; pbk ISBN 9780520300996 $32.95; ebook ISBN 9780520972148 $32.95 

“Tell the Whole White World”: Crime, Violence, and Black Men in Early Migration New York City, 1890–1917, by Douglas J. Flowe. North Carolina, 2019e. ISBN and price not yet set; pbk ISBN and price not yet set; ebook ISBN and price not yet set