Forthcoming Art & Architecture Publications, 2017

A list of the latest and soon-to-be-released publications through November 2018.

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[Ed. Note: Bibliographic data is supplied by publishers and includes anticipated release date, price, and ISBN. Estimated prices and release dates are followed by an “e.” Release dates, prices, and titles are subject to change. This list does not represent titles reviewed in Choice, but many of them will be reviewed throughout the year as they are released.]


Aaron G. Green: Organic Architecture beyond Frank Lloyd Wright, by Randolph C. Henning. ORO Editions, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781939621375 $75.00

Affective Images: Post-Apartheid Documentary Perspectives, by Marietta Kesting. SUNY Press, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781438467856 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781438467863 $95.00

Animation: Critical and Primary Sources, ed. by Chris Pallant. Bloomsbury, Jan. 2018e. ISBN and pricing not set.

Art and Adaptability: Consciousness and Cognitive Culture, by Gregory Tague. Brill | Rodopi, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9789004354524 $127.00

Gender, Continuity, and the Shaping of Modernity in the Arts of East Asia, 16th–20th Centuries, ed. by Kristen L. Chie and Lara C. W. Blanchard. Brill, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9789004348943 $178.00

Gluck: Art and Identity, ed. by Amy de la Haye and Martin Pel. Yale, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9780300230482 $35.00

Inside the Freud Museums: History, Memory, and Site-Responsive Art, by Joanne Morra. I. B.Tauris, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781780762067 $110.00; pbk ISBN 9781780762074 $30.00

Making Things and Drawing Boundaries: Experiments in the Digital Humanities, ed. by Jentery Sayers. Minnesota, Jan. 2018. ISBN 9781517902841 $140.00; pbk ISBN 9781517902858 $35.00; ebook ISBN 9781452955964 $35.00

Maternity: Mothers and Children in the Arts of Africa, by Herbert M. Cole. Yale/Mercatorfonds, Jan. 2018. ISBN 9780300229158 $90.00

Picturing Identity: Contemporary American Autobiography in Image and Text, by Hertha D. Sweet Wong. North Carolina, Jun. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781469640709 $32.95

Plotinus and the Moving Image, by Thorsten Botz-Bornstein and Giannis Stamatellos. Brill | Rodopi, Dec. 2017. pbk ISBN 9789004357037 $64.00

The Politics of Painting: Fascism and Japanese Art during the Second World War, by Asato Ikeda. Hawai’i, May 2018. ISBN 9780824872120 $60.00

Posthumous Images: Contemporary Art and Memory Politics in Post–Civil War Lebanon, by Chad Elias. Duke, Jun. 2018e. ISBN 9780822347101 $94.95e; pbk ISBN 9780822347668 $25.95e; ebook ISBN 9780822371557 $25.95e

Queer Art Camp Superstar: Decoding the Cinematic Cyberworld of Ryan Trecartin, by Ricardo E. Zulueta. SUNY Press, Apr. 2018. ISBN 9781438468938 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781438468952 $95.00

Quilts and Health, by Marsha MacDowell, Clare Luz, and Beth Donaldson. Indiana, Jan. 2018. ISBN 9780253032263 $40.00; ebook ISBN 9780253032270 $39.99

Subjects Barbarian, Monstrous, and Wild: Encounters in the Arts and Contemporary Politics, ed. by Maria Boletsi and Tyler Sage. Brill Rodopi, Dec. 2017. pbk ISBN 9789004352001 $92.00

Victorian Jamaica, ed. by Tim Barringer and Wayne Modest. Duke, May 2018e; ISBN 9780822360537 $124.95e; pbk ISBN 9780822360681 $34.95e; ebook ISBN 9780822374626 $34.95e

Women Artists, Feminism and the Moving Image: Contexts and Practices, by Lucy Reynolds. I. B.Tauris, Apr. 2018. ISBN 9781784537005 $94.0

Fine Arts

American Interventions and Modern Art in South America, by Olga U. Herrera. University Press of Florida, Jan. 2018. ISBN 9780813056500 $79.95

The Art of the Peales in the Philadelphia Museum of Art: Adaptations and Innovations, by Carol Eaton Soltis. Yale, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9780300229363 $65.00

Audubon’s Last Wilderness Journey: The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, ed. by Charles T. Butler. D Giles Ltd. in association with the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn Univ., Mar. 2018. ISBN 9781911282105 $59.95

The Bible: From Late Antiquity to the Renaissance, Writing and Images from the Vatican Library, ed. by Ambrogio M. Piazzoni and Francesca Manzari. Liturgical Press, Dec. 2017e. ISBN 9780814644614 $79.95

Buddhist Visual Cultures, Rhetoric, and Narrative in Late Burmese Wall Paintings, by Alexandra Green. Hong Kong Univ. Press, Jan. 2018e. ISBN 9789888390885 $55.00; ebook ISBN 9789882204850 $55.00

Charles White: A Retrospective, ed. by Sarah K. Oehler. Art Institute of Chicago/Yale, Jun. 2018e. ISBN 9780300232981 $50.00

Charlotte Salomon and the Theatre of Memory, by Griselda Pollock. Yale, Mar. 2018. ISBN 9780300100723 $60.00

Dancer, Nun, Ghost, Goddess: The Legend of Giō and Hotoke in Japanese Literature, Theater, Visual Arts, and Cultural Heritage, by Roberta Strippoli. Brill, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9789004356290 $114.00

Death of the Artist: Art World Dissidents and Their Alternative Identities, by Nicola McCartney. I. B.Tauris, May 2018. ISBN 9781784534141 $99.00; pbk ISBN 9781784534158 $35.00

Design for Everyday Living: Georg Jensen Silver, by Alison Fisher, Maggie Taft, and Thomas C. Thulstrup, ed. by Alison Fisher. Art Institute of Chicago / Yale, Jun. 2018e. ISBN 9780300232998 $50.00e

Experimental Beijing: Gender and Globalization in Chinese Contemporary Art, by Sasha Su-Ling Welland. Duke, Mar. 2018e. ISBN 9780822369288 $99.95e; pbk ISBN 9780822369431 $27.95e; ebook ISBN 9780822372479 $27.95e

Japanese Art: Critical and Primary Sources, ed. by Morgan Pitelka. Bloomsbury, Feb. 2018e. ISBN and pricing not set

Luc Tuymans: Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings, v1 (1978-1994), ed. by Eva Meyer-Hermann. Yale/David Zwirner Gallery, Jan. 2018. ISBN 9780300230284 $200.00

Mark Bradford, by Stéphane Aquin and Evelyn Hankins. Yale, Feb. 2018. ISBN 9780300230772 $45.00

Mirroring China’s Past: Emperors, Scholars, and Their Bronzes, by Tao Wang. Art Institute of Chicago/Yale, Feb. 2018e. ISBN 9780300228632 $60.00

Monochrome: Painting in Black and White, by Lelia Packer and Jennifer Sliwka. Yale/National Gallery London, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781857096149 $50.00

Ray Stanford Strong, West Coast Landscape Artist, by Mark Humpal. Oklahoma, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9780806157702 $45.00

Speculative Taxidermy, by Giovanni Aloi. Columbia, Dec. 2017. ISBN 978023118070 $90.00; pbk ISBN 9780231180719 $30.00; ebook ISBN 9780231543217 $29.99

Tomma Abts, by James Rondeau. Art Institute of Chicago/ Yale, Jun 2018e. ISBN 9780300233872 $40.00

William Kentridge: Smoke, Ashes, Fable, ed. by Margaret K. Koerner. Yale/Mercatorfonds, Jan. 2018. ISBN 9780300230253 $50.00


Architecture and Control, ed. by Annie Ring, Henriette Steiner, and Kristin Veel. Brill, Dec, 2017. ISBN 9789004355606 $140.00

Architecture of Nature, by Diana Agrest and John Angus McPhee. Applied Research + Design Publishing, Mar. 2018. ISBN 9781939621948 $49.95

The Arsenal of Exclusion & Inclusion, by Tobias Armborst. Actar, Dec. 2017. pbk ISBN 9781940291345 $39.95

Be Seated, by Laurie Olin. ORO Editions, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781939621726 $34.95

Building Biology: Architectural Design and Criteria, by Nurgül Ece. Birkhäuser, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9783035611830 $68.98

Buildings and Landmarks of 20th- and 21st-Century America: American Society Revealed, by Edward Salo and Elizabeth B. Greene. Greenwood, Feb. 2018. ISBN 9781440839924 $100.00; ebook ISBN 9781440839931 Price not set

The Codes Guidebook for Interiors, by Katherine E. Kennon and Sharon K. Harmon. 7th ed. Wiley, Jan. 2018. ISBN 9781119343196 $95.00; ebook ISBN 9781119451136 $95.00

E> Return on Experience, by Tim Kobe and Roger Lehman. ORO Editions, Apr. 2018. ISBN 9781935935674 $39.95

Earthen Architecture in Muslim Cultures: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives, by Stéphane Pradines. Brill, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9789004355316 $160.00

Facade Construction Manual, by Thomas Herzog. 2nd ed. Detail, Dec. 2017. pbk ISBN 9783955533878 $140.00

Floor Plan Manual Housing, ed. by Oliver Heckmann. 5th ed. Birkhäuser, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9783035611434 $99.95

Form Follows Energy: Using Natural Forces to Maximize Performance, by Brian Cody. Birkhäuser, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9783990432020 $91.98.

Hands On, Locati Architects, by Jerry Locati and Seabring Davis. ORO Editions, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781935935995 $60.00

Historic Capital: Preservation, Race, and Real Estate in Washington, D.C., by Cameron Logan. Minnesota, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9780816692323 $108.00; pbk ISBN 9780816692347 $27.00; ebook ISBN 9781452955407 $27.00

The History of Here: A House, the Pine Hills Neighborhood, and the City of Albany, by Akum Norder. SUNY Press, Feb. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781438467900 $19.95; ebook ISBN 9781438467924 $19.95

Interior Design Illustrated, by Francis D. K. Ching and Corky Binggeli. 4th ed. Wiley, Jan. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781119377207 $60.00

The Last Fortress of Metaphysics: Jacques Derrida and the Deconstruction of Architecture, by Francesco Vitale; tr. by Mauro Senatore. SUNY Press, May 2018. ISBN 9781438469355 $80.00; ebook ISBN 9781438469379 $80.00

Mass Timber: Design and Research, by Susan Jones. ORO Editions, Dec. 2017. pbk ISBN 9781939621955 $24.95

Max Lamb: Exercises in Seating, by Zoë Ryan. Art Institute of Chicago/Yale, Apr. 2018e. ISBN 9780300233889 $30.00

Modernism as Memory: Building Identity in the Federal Republic of Germany, by Kathleen James-Chakraborty. Minnesota, Jan. 2018. ISBN 9781517902902 $140.00; pbk ISBN 9781517902919 $35.00; ebook ISBN 9781452956268 $35.00

The Parthenon and Liberal Education, by Geoff Lehman and Michael Weinman. SUNY Press, Mar. 2018. ISBN 9781438468419 $90.00; ebook ISBN 9781438468433 $90.00

Process of Making: Five Parameters to Shape Buildings, by Maki Kuwayama. Birkhäuser, Dec. 2017. pbk ISBN 9783035613612 $45.99

Public Catalyst, by Manuel Bailo. Actar, Dec. 2017. pbk ISBN 9781940291208 $34.95

Robert Venturi’s Rome, by Frederich Fisher. 2nd ed. ORO Editions, Dec. 2017. pbk ISBN 9781939621870 $24.95

Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture, by Banister Fletcher, ed. by Murray Fraser. 21st ed. Bloomsbury, Nov 2018e. ISBN and pricing not set

Spectacle of Property: The House in American Film, by John David Rhodes. Minnesota, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781517903695 $112.00; pbk ISBN 9781517903701 $28.00; ebook ISBN 9781452955995 $28.00

The Sustainable City XII, ed. by C. A. Brebbia and J. J. Sendra. WIT Press, Dec. 2017e. ISBN 9781784662219 $431.00e; ebook ISBN 9781784662226 $431.00e

Third Coast Atlas: Prelude to a Plan, ed. by Daniel Ibanez. Actar, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781940291918 $54.95

Vernacular Architecture: Critical and Primary Sources, ed. by Howard Davis. Bloomsbury, Sep. 2018e. ISBN and pricing not set

Victorian Summer: The Historic Houses of Belle Haven Park, Greenwich, Connecticut, by Matt Bernard. ORO Editions, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781939621757 $80.00

Yorkshire West Riding: Sheffield and the South, by Ruth Harman and Nikolaus Pevsner. Yale, Dec. 2017. ISBN 9780300224689 $85.00


Remaking Reality: U.S. Documentary Culture since 1945, ed. by Sara Blair, Joseph B. Entin, and Franny Nudelman. North Carolina, Apr. 2018. pbk ISBN 9781469638690 $32.95

World War I in the Holy Land Revealed in Early Photographs from 1914 to 1919, by Lenny Ben-David. Urim Publications, Feb. 2018e. ISBN 9789655242799 $44.95e