Forthcoming Academic Titles: October 2016 Edition

The October edition of Choice's Forthcoming series, featuring upcoming Political Science and Economics titles.



AARP: America’s Largest Interest Group and Its Impact, by Christine L. Day. Praeger, Nov. 2016. $48.00 ISBN 9781440834103; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781440834110

Advanced Introduction to Nationalism, by Liah Greenfeld. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016. $99.95e ISBN 9781785362545; $24.95e pbk ISBN 9781785362569; $24.95e ebook ISBN 9781785362552

Advanced Introduction to Public Choice, by Randall G. Holcombe. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $99.95e ISBN 9781785362040; $24.95e pbk ISBN 9781785362064; $24.95 ebook ISBN 9781785362057

Advanced Introduction to Social Policy, by Daniel Béland and Rianne Mahon. E. Elgar, Dec. 2016e. $99.95e ISBN 9781783478026; $27.95e pbk ISBN 9781783478033; $27.95e ebook ISBN 9781783478040

Better Presentations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks, by Jonathan Schwabish. Columbia, Nov. 2016. $90.00 ISBN 9780231175203; $29.95 pbk ISBN 9780231175210; $28.99 ebook ISBN 9780231542791

Business and Government, ed. by David Coen and Wyn P. Grant. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $510.00e ISBN 9781783473052; $99.00 ebook ISBN 9781785368325

A Companion to the United States Constitution and Its Amendments, by John R. Vile. Praeger, Feb. 2017. $35.00 ISBN 9781440835605

Comparative Constitutional Law, ed. by Mark Tushnet. E. Elgar, Dec. 2016e. $250.00e ISBN 9781785362699; $99.00 ebook ISBN 9781785362705

CQ Almanac 2015, by CQ Roll Call. SAGE, Oct. 2016e. $575.00 ISBN 9781506333175; $1635.00 ebook ISBN 9781506333168

Disability and U.S. Politics: Participation, Policy, and Controversy, ed. by Dana Lee Baker. Praeger, Jan. 2017. $138.00 ISBN 9781440839221; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781440839238

Global Health Law, ed. by Gian Luca Burci. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $670.00e ISBN 9781783475551; $99.00 ebook ISBN 9781785366024

The Gun Debate: An Encyclopedia of Gun Control and Gun Rights, ed. by Glenn Utter. 3rd ed. Grey House, Nov. 2016. $165.00 pbk ISBN 9781682171028; $206.00 ebook ISBN 9781682171035

Handbook of Public Policy Agenda Setting, ed. by Nikolaos Zahariadis. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $225.00e ISBN 9781784715915; $225.00e ebook ISBN 9781784715922

Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Political Science, ed. by Hans Keman and Jaap J. Woldendorp. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $255.00e ISBN 9781784710811; $255.00e ebook ISBN 9781784710828

Handbook on Ethnic Minorities in China, ed. by Xiaowei Zang. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $255.00e ISBN 9781784717353; $255.00e ebook ISBN 9781784717360

Historical Dictionary of U.S. Diplomacy from the Civil War to World War I, by Kenneth J. Blume. 2nd ed. Rowman & Littlefield, Oct. 2016. $130.00 ISBN is not yet set

How to Resolve Conflict: A Practical Mediation Manual, by James E. Gilman. Rowman & Littlefield, Jan. 2017. $75.00 ISBN 9781442267961

International Disaster Management Ethics, by Liza Ireni Saban. SUNY, Oct. 2016. $80.00 ISBN 9781438461717; $80.00 ebook ISBN 9781438461724

The National Rifle Association: Guns and Power in Interest Group Politics, by Karen Callaghan and Frauke Schnell. Praeger, Jan. 2017. $48.00 ISBN 9781440837920; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781440837937

Nations of the World, 2017, ed. by Grey House Publishing. 16th ed. Grey House, Nov. 2016. $180.00 pbk ISBN 9781619259379

A Political Companion to Marilynne Robinson, ed. by Shannon L. Mariotti and Joseph H. Lane Jr. Kentucky, Nov. 2016. $60.00 ISBN 9780813167763; $60.00 ebook ISBN 9780813167770

Public Utilities, by David E. McNabb. 2nd ed. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $150.00e ISBN 9781785365522; $150.00e ebook ISBN 9781785365539

Reference Shelf: Campaign Trends and Election Law. H. W. Wilson, Oct. 2016. $75.00 pbk ISBN 9781682170670

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, ed. by Steven G. Rogelberg. 2nd ed. SAGE, Oct. 2016e. $695.00 ISBN 9781483386898; $875.00 ebook ISBN 9781483386874

The SAGE Encyclopedia of War: Social Science Perspectives, ed. by Paul Joseph. SAGE, Oct. 2016e. $650.00 ISBN 9781483359892; $813.00 ebook ISBN 9781483359878

Supreme Court Yearbook 2015-2016, by Kenneth W. Jost. Nov. 2016e. $300.00 ebook ISBN 9781506333670

The WSPC Reference of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy in the Era of Global Change, ed. by Ariel Dinar. World Scientific, Dec. 2016e. $1,200.00 ISBN 9789814713689

Whistleblower at the CIA: An Insider’s Account of the Politics of Intelligence, by Melvin A. Goodman; ed. by Greg Ruggiero. City Lights, Feb. 2017. $18.95 pbk ISBN 9780872867307; $18.95 ebook ISBN 9780872867314

World Political Yearbook, 2017. Grey House, Dec. 2016. $125.00 pbk ISBN 9781682171240; $125.00 ebook ISBN is not yet set

World Population Past, Present, and Future, ed. by Julio A Gonzalo, Manuel Alfonseca, and Félix-Fernando Muñoz. World Scientific, Oct. 2016e. $88.00 ISBN 9789813140998



Africa’s First Democrats: Somalia’s Aden A. Osman and Abdirazak H. Hussen, by Abdi Ismail Samatar. Indiana, Oct. 2016. $90.00 ISBN 9780253022226; $35.00 pbk ISBN 9780253022301; $34.99 ebook ISBN 9780253022370


Anarchism in Korea: Independence, Transnationalism, and the Question of National Development, 1919-1984, by Dongyoun Hwang. SUNY, Oct. 2016. $90.00 ISBN 9781438461670; $90.00 ebook ISBN 9781438461694

An Archipelago of Care: Filipino Migrants and Global Networks, by Deirdre McKay. Indiana, Jan. 2017. $85.00 ISBN 9780253024671; $30.00 pbk ISBN 9780253024831; $29.99 ebook ISBN 9780253024985

Behind the Facade: Elections under Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia, by Lee Morgenbesser. SUNY, Oct. 2016. $95.00 ISBN 9781438462875; $95.00 ebook ISBN 9781438462899

The Changing Currents of Transpacific Integration: China, the TPP, and Beyond, ed. by Adrian H. Hearn and Margaret Myers. Lynne Rienner, Oct. 2016e. $55.00e ISBN 9781626375642

Islam and Peace-Building in the Asia-Pacific Region, ed. by Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman. World Scientific, Oct. 2016e. $106.00 ISBN 9789814749817

Migration in East and Southeast Asia, ed. by Samuel C. Y. Ku and Kristina Kironska. World Scientific, Oct. 2016e. $118.00 ISBN 9789813141667

Normalizing Occupation: The Politics of Everyday Life in the West Bank Settlements, ed. by Ariel Handel, Marco Allegra, and Erez Maggor. Indiana, Feb. 2017. $90.00 ISBN 9780253024732; $35.00 pbk ISBN 9780253024886; $34.99 ebook ISBN 9780253025050

Singapore and Switzerland: Secrets to Small State Success, ed. by Yvonne Guo and J. J. Woo. World Scientific, Oct. 2016e. $114.00 ISBN 9789814651394

Social Innovation for Collaborative Governance, by Yuko Aoyama and Balaji Parthasarathy. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $99.95e ISBN 9781785360428; $99.95e ebook ISBN 9781785360435

Unlikely Partners: Chinese Reformers, Western Economists, and the Making of Global China, by Julian Gewirtz. Harvard, Jan. 2017. $39.95 ISBN 9780674971134


Boosting European Competitiveness: The Role of CESEE Countries, ed. by Marek Belka et al. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $125.00e ISBN 9781785369315; $125.00e ebook ISBN 9781785369322

Energy Security, Trade and the EU: Regional and International Perspectives, by Rafael Leal-Arcas, Costantino Grasso, and Juan Alemany Ríos. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $160.00e ISBN 9781785366734; $160.00e ebook ISBN 9781785366741

EU Intellectual Property Law and Policy, by Catherine Seville. 2nd ed. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $210.00e ISBN 9781781003459; $210.00e ebook ISBN 9781781003480

Europe’s Disappearing Middle Class?: Evidence from the World of Work, ed. by Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $215.00e ISBN 9781786430595; $215.00e ebook ISBN 9781786430601

Europe’s Last Chance, by Guy Verhofstadt. Basic Books, Jan. 2017. $27.99 ISBN 9780465096855; $27.99 ebook ISBN 9780465096862

Exploring the EU’s Legitimacy Crisis: The Dark Heart of Europe, by Christian Schweiger. E. Elgar, Nov. 2016e. $135.00e ISBN 9781784717841; $135.00e ebook ISBN 9781784717858

Fixing the EU Intel Crisis, by Musa Khan Jalalzai. Algora, Oct. 2016e. $29.99e ISBN 9781628942170; $19.95e pbk ISBN 9781628942163; $19.95e ebook ISBN 9781628942187

Governing Cities through Regions: Canadian and European Perspectives, ed. by Roger Keil et al. Wilfrid Laurier, Jan. 2017e. $39.99 pbk ISBN 9781771122771; $85.00 ebook ISBN 9781771122627

Historians and Historical Societies in the Public Life of Imperial Russia, by Vera Kaplan. Indiana, Mar. 2017. $65.00 ISBN 9780253023988; 64.99 ebook ISBN 9780253024060

Integration, Diversity and the Making of a European Public Sphere, ed. by Hakan G. Sicakkan. E. Elgar, Nov. 2016e. $120.00e ISBN 9781785360909; $120.00 ebook ISBN 9781785360916

Political Entrepreneurship: Regional Growth and Entrepreneurial Diversity in Sweden, ed. by Charlie Karlsson, Charlotte Silander, and Daniel Silander. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $120.00e ISBN 9781785363498; $120.00 ebook ISBN 9781785363504

The Road to Home Rule: Anti-Imperialism and the Irish National Movement, by Paul A. Townend. Wisconsin, Jan. 2017. $64.95 ISBN 9780299310707

Serbia and Kosovo between Individual Options and Shared Consequences, ed. by Leandrit I. Mehmeti and Branislav Radeljic. Pittsburgh, Nov. 2016e. $49.95e ISBN 9780822964230; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9780822981572

The Americas

Austerity and the Labor Movement, by Michael Schiavone. SUNY, Dec. 2016. $85.00 ISBN 9781438462936; $85.00 ebook ISBN 9781438462950

Democracy and Its Discontents in Latin America, ed. by Joe Foweraker and Dolores Trevizo. Lynne Rienner, Oct. 2016e. $75.00e ISBN 9781626372764

Northern Lights: Exploring Canada’s Think Tank Landscape, by Donald E. Abelson. McGill-Queen’s, Nov. 2016. $110.00 ISBN 9780773547636; $32.95 pbk ISBN 9780773547643

The Political Construction of Brazil: Society, Economy, and State since Independence, by Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira. Lynne Rienner, Oct. 2016e. $85.00e ISBN 9781626373075

Struggles for Justice in Canada and Mexico: Themes and Theories about Social Mobilization, by Lynda Snyder. Wilfrid Laurier, Feb. 2017. $39.99 pbk ISBN 9781771122788; $85.00 ebook ISBN 9781771122702

The United States-Mexico Defense Relations: A Tale of Two Eagles, by Craig A. Deare. Rowman & Littlefield, Jan. 2017. $80.00 ISBN 9781442269422

North Africa & the Middle East

Between the Rule of Law and States of Emergency: The Fluid Jurisprudence of the Israeli Regime, by Yoav Mehozay. SUNY, Dec. 2016. $80.00 ISBN 9781438463391; $80.00 ebook ISBN 9781438463407

Egypt beyond Tahrir Square, ed. by Bessma Momani and Eid Mohamed. Indiana, Oct. 2016. $80.00 ISBN 9780253022837; $28.00 pbk ISBN 9780253023100; $27.99 ebook ISBN 9780253023315

Israeli Foreign Policy: A Survey of Contemporary Israeli Diplomacy and Bilateral Relations, by Joel Peters. Rowman & Littlefield, Mar. 2017. $80.00 ISBN 9781442242661

Judicial Power and National Politics: Courts and Gender in the Religious-Secular Conflict in Israel, by Patricia J. Woods. 2nd ed. SUNY, Nov. 2016. $95.00 ISBN 9781438462073; $95.00 ebook ISBN 9781438462080

Muslim Democratic Parties in the Middle East: Economy and Politics of Islamist Moderation, by A. Kadir Yildirim. Indiana, Oct. 2016. $85.00 ISBN 9780253022813; $35.00 pbk ISBN 9780253023094; $34.99 ebook ISBN 9780253023292

The Promise and Challenge of Party Primary Elections: A Comparative Perspective, by William P. Cross et al. McGill-Queen’s, Dec. 2016. $110.00 ISBN 9780773547971; $32.95 pbk ISBN 9780773547988

Shari’a Law and Modern Muslim Ethics, ed. by Robert W. Hefner. Indiana, Nov. 2016. $85.00 ISBN 9780253022479; $35.00 pbk ISBN 9780253022523; $34.99 ebook ISBN 9780253022608


Conflict & Security

Anti-Corruption Strategies in Fragile States: Theory and Practice in Aid Agencies, by Jesper Johnsøn. E. Elgar, Nov. 2016e. $120.00e ISBN 9781784719708; $120.00 ebook ISBN 9781784719715

The Art of Peace: Engaging in a Complex World, by Juliana Geran Pilon. Transaction, Oct. 2016. Price not yet set ISBN 9781412864237; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781412863865

Bombs, Bullets, and Politicians: France’s Response to Terrorism, by Christophe Chowanietz. McGill-Queen’s, Dec. 2016. $29.95 ISBN 9780773547957

The Civilian Lives of U.S. Veterans: Issues and Identities, ed. by Louis Hicks, Eugenia L. Weiss, and Jose E. Coll. 2v. Praeger, Dec. 2016. $164.00 ISBN 9781440842788; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781440842795

The Convenient Terrorist: Abu Zubaydah and the Weird Wonderland of America’s Secret Wars, by Joseph Hickman and John Kiriakou. Hot Books, Mar. 2017. $21.99 ISBN 9781510711624; $21.99 ebook ISBN 9781510711648

Encyclopedia of Invasions and Conquests, ed. by Paul K. Davis. 3rd ed. Grey House, Oct. 2016. $165.00 pbk ISBN 9781682171004; $206.00 ebook ISBN 9781682171011

The Great War and American Foreign Policy, 1914-24, by Robert E. Hannigan. Pennsylvania, Oct. 2016. $69.95 ISBN 9780812248593; $69.95 ebook ISBN 9780812293289

The International Criminal Court in an Effective Global Justice System, by Linda E. Carter et al. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $145.00e ISBN 9781784719814; $145.00e ebook ISBN 9781784719821

International Security and Peacebuilding: Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, ed. by Abu Bakarr Bah. Indiana, Jan. 2017. $80.00 ISBN 9780253023766; $35.00 pbk ISBN 9780253023841; $29.99 ebook ISBN 9780253023902

Partly Cloudy: Ethics in War, Espionage, Covert Action, and Interrogation, by David L. Perry. 2nd ed. Rowman & Littlefield, Oct. 2016. $100.00 ISBN 9781442262027

Shattered Illusions: KGB Cold War Espionage in Canada, by Donald G. Mahar. Rowman & Littlefield, Jan. 2017. $75.00 ISBN 9781442269132

Understanding and Teaching the Cold War, by Matthew Masur. Wisconsin, Dec. 2016. $34.95 ISBN 9780299309909

War Memories: Commemoration, Recollections, and Writings on War, ed. by Stéphanie A. H. Bélanger and Renée Dickason. McGill-Queen’s, Feb. 2017. $125.00 ISBN 9780773547933; $37.95 pbk ISBN 9780773547940

The War on Error: Israel, Islam, and the Middle East, by Martin Kramer. Transaction, Dec. 2016. Price not yet set ISBN 9781412864176; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781412863803

Western Foreign Fighters: Why They Join Extremist Groups and the Threat They Pose on Their Return Home, by Phil Gurski. Rowman & Littlefield, Jan. 2017. $64.00 ISBN 9781442273795

Foreign Policy & Diplomacy

American National Security Policy: Authorities, Institutions, and Cases, by John T. Fishel. Rowman & Littlefield, Mar. 2017. $85.00 ISBN 9781442248373

The Big Stick, by Eliot A. Cohen. Basic Books, Jan. 2017. $27.50 ISBN 9780465044726; $27.50 ebook ISBN 9780465096572

Canada and the United Nations: Legacies, Limits, Prospects, ed. by Colin McCullough and Robert Teigrob. McGill-Queen’s, Jan. 2017. $100.00 ISBN 9780773548244; $34.95 pbk ISBN 9780773548251

Foreign Policy at the Periphery: The Shifting Margins of U.S. International Relations since World War II, ed. by Bevan Sewell and Maria Ryan. Kentucky, Jan. 2017. $55.00 ISBN 9780813168470; $55.00 ebook ISBN 9780813168487

The Islamic Challenge and the United States: Global Security in an Age of Uncertainty, by Ehsan M. Ahrari. McGill-Queen’s, Feb. 2017. $34.95 ISBN 9780773548169

The Joint Ventured Nation: Why America Needs a New Foreign Policy, by Edward Goldberg. Skyhorse, Oct. 2016. $21.99 ISBN 978151071225; $21.99 ebook ISBN 9781510712232

Strategic Analysis in Support of International Policy Making: The Pursuit of Relevance, ed. by Thomas Juneau and Jean-François Morel. Rowman & Littlefield, Jan. 2017. $120.00 ISBN 9781442257610

Tickling Giants, by Bassem Youssef; ed. by Matthew Daddona. HarperCollins, Mar. 2017e. $26.99e ISBN 9780062446893; $21.99 ebook ISBN 9780062446916

Theory & Law

Legal Path Dependence and the Long Arm of the Religious State: Sodomy Provisions and Gay Rights across Nations and over Time, by Victor Asal and Udi Sommer. SUNY, Dec. 2016. $85.00 ISBN 9781438463230; $85.00 ebook ISBN 9781438463254

Migration, Citizenship and Identity: Selected Essays, by Stephen Castles. E. Elgar, Dec. 2016e. $190.00e ISBN 9781785360992

The Origins of the Grand Alliance: Anglo-American Military Collaboration from the Panay Incident to Pearl Harbor, by William T. Johnsen. Kentucky, Oct. 2016e. $50.00 ISBN 9780813168333; $50.00 ebook ISBN 9780813168357

Political and Military Sociology: Democracy, Security, and Armed Forces, ed. by Neovi M. Karakatsanis and Jonathan Swarts. Transaction, Oct. 2016. Price not yet set pbk ISBN 9781412864268; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781412863896

Theory and Philosophy of International Law, ed. by Andrea Bianchi. E. Elgar, Dec. 2016e. $250.00e ISBN 9781784717698; $99.00 ebook ISBN 9781784717704

War as Paradox: Clausewitz and Hegel on Fighting Doctrines and Ethics, by Youri Cormier. McGill-Queen’s, Nov. 2016. $110.00 ISBN 9780773547681; $29.95 pbk ISBN 9780773547698

Political Theory

Advances in Political Methodology, ed. by Robert J. Franzese. E. Elgar, Jan. 2017e. $280.00e ISBN 9781783474851; $99.00 ebook ISBN 9781786430625

Basic Vocabulary, by Amy Uyematsu. Red Hen, Oct. 2016. $18.95 pbk ISBN 9781597097284

Beyond Power and Resistance: Politics at the Radical Limits, by Peter Bloom. Rowman & Littlefield, Nov. 2016. $120.00 ISBN 9781783487530

Cities as Political Objects: Historical Evolution, Analytical Categorisations and Institutional Challenges of Metropolitanisation, ed. by Alistair Cole and Renaud Payren. E. Elgar, Nov. 2016e. $120.00e ISBN 9781784719890; $120.00 ebook ISBN 9781784719906

The Concept of Climate Migration: Advocacy and Its Prospects, by Benoît Mayer. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $135.00e ISBN 9781786431721; $135.00e ebook ISBN 9781786431738

Containing Community: From Political Economy to Ontology in Agamben, Esposito, and Nancy, by Greg Bird. SUNY, Oct. 2016. $90.00 ISBN 9781438461854; $90.00 ebook ISBN 9781438461878

Contemplating Friendship in Aristotle’s Ethics, by Ann Ward. SUNY, Nov. 2016. $80.00 ISBN 9781438462677; $80.00 ebook ISBN 9781438462684

Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration: Theory and Practice, by Desmond Molloy. Lynne Rienner/Kumarian Press, Oct. 2016e. $65.00e ISBN 9781626375673; $26.50e pbk ISBN 9781626375680

Epigenetics and Public Policy: The Tangled Web of Science and Politics, by Shea K. Robison. Praeger, Feb. 2017. $60.00 ISBN 9781440844690; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781440844706

The Ethics of Influence: Government in the Age of Behavioral Science, by Cass R. Sunstein. Cambridge, Oct. 2016. $29.99 pbk ISBN 9781107140707

Faces of Moderation, by Aurelian Craiutu. Pennsylvania, Dec. 2016. $49.95 ISBN 9780812248760; $49.95 ebook ISBN 9780812293517

Freemasonry, World Order, and Mind Wars: The Great Reality, by Nicolas Laos. Algora, Oct. 2016. $31.95e ISBN 9781628942200; $21.95e pbk ISBN 9781628942194; $21.95e ebook ISBN 9781628942217

Genocide, by Berel Lang. Pennsylvania, Dec. 2016. $24.95 ISBN 9780812248852; $16.95 ebook ISBN 9780812293647

Impulse to Act: A New Anthropology of Resistance and Social Justice, ed. by Othon Alexandrakis. Indiana, Oct. 2016. $80.00 ISBN 9780253022783; $35.00 pbk ISBN 9780253023117; $34.99 ebook ISBN 9780253023261

Inside Job: How Government Insiders Subvert the Public Interest, by Mark Zupan. Cambridge, Oct. 2016. $19.99 pbk ISBN 9781316607770

The Laws of Globalization and Business Applications, by Pankaj Ghemawat. Cambridge, Oct. 2016e. $29.99 pbk ISBN 9781316615027

Leo Strauss on Science: Thoughts on the Relation between Natural Science and Political Philosophy, by Svetozar Y. Minkov. SUNY, Dec. 2016. $85.00 ISBN 9781438463117; $85.00 ebook ISBN 9781438463131

Meaning-Making, Internalized Racism, and African American Identity, ed. by Jas M. Sullivan and William E. Cross, Jr. SUNY, Oct. 2016. $95.00 ISBN 9781438462974; $95.00 ebook ISBN 9781438462981

MegaChange: Political and Social Disruption in the 21st Century, by Darrell M. West. Brookings Institution, Oct. 2016e. $24.00 ISBN 9780815729211; $24.00 ebook ISBN 9780815729228

Misunderstanding Terrorism, by Marc Sageman. Pennsylvania, Oct. 2016. $24.95 ISBN 9780812248890; $17.95 ebook ISBN 9780812293715

Neoliberal Chicago, ed. by Larry Bennett, Roberta Garner, and Euan Hague. Illinois, Dec. 2016e. $95.00 ISBN 9780252040597; $28.00 pbk ISBN 9780252082092; $25.00 ebook ISBN 9780252099038

Network Democracy: Conservative Politics and the Violence of the Liberal Age, by Jared Giesbrecht. McGill-Queen’s, Jan. 2017. $100.00 ISBN 9780773548213

Philosophy, History, and Tyranny: Reexamining the Debate between Leo Strauss and Alexandre Kojeve, ed. by Timothy W. Burns and Bryan-Paul Frost. SUNY, Dec. 2016. $90.00 ISBN 9781438462097; $90.00 ebook ISBN 9781438462110

Politics, Ethics and Change: The Legacy of James MacGregor Burns, ed. by George R. Goethals and Douglas Bradburn. E. Elgar, Oct. 2016e. $110.00e ISBN 9781785368929; $110.00 ebook ISBN 9781785368936

Race Still Matters: The Reality of African American Lives and the Myth of Postracial Society, ed. by Yuya Kiuchi. SUNY, Nov. 2016. $95.00 ISBN 9781438462738; $95.00 ebook ISBN 9781438462745

Raphaël Lemkin and the Concept of Genocide, by Douglas Irvin-Erickson. Pennsylvania, Nov. 2016. $59.95 ISBN 9780812248647; $59.95 ebook ISBN 9780812293418

Seeking Order in Anarchy: Multilateralism as State Strategy, ed. by Robert W. Murray. Alberta, Oct. 2016. $34.95 pbk ISBN 9781772121391

The Stigmatized Vernacular: Where Reflexivity Meets Untellability, ed. by Diane E. Goldstein and Amy Shuman. Indiana, Oct. 2016. $25.00 pbk ISBN 9780253024404; $24.99 ebook ISBN 9780253024435

A Theory of Imperialism, by Utsa Patnaik and Prabhat Patnaik. Columbia, Oct. 2016. $90.00 ISBN 9780231179782; $30.00 pbk ISBN 9780231179799; $29.99 ebook ISBN 9780231542265

When Ideas Mattered: A Nathan Glazer Reader, by Nathan Glazer; ed. by Joseph Dorman and Leslie Lenkowsky. Transaction, Oct. 2016. Price not yet set ISBN 9781412864169; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781412863797

When Religious and Secular Interests Collide: Faith, Law, and the Religious Exemption Debate, by Scott A. Merriman. Praeger, Jan. 2017. $48.00 ISBN 9781440847073; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781440847080


Campaigns, Elections, Political Parties & Political Participation

The American Dream: In History, Politics, and Fiction, by Cal Jillson. Kansas, Oct. 2016. $45.00 ISBN 9780700623099; $22.95 pbk ISBN 9780700623105; $22.95 ebook ISBN 9780700623112

The American Political Pattern: Stability and Change, 1932-2016, by Byron E. Shafer. Kansas, Oct. 2016. $45.00 ISBN 9780700623266; $22.95 pbk ISBN 9780700623273; $22.95 ebook ISBN 9780700623280

Black Elephants in the Room: The Unexpected Politics of African American Republicans, by Corey D. Fields. California, Oct. 2016. $85.00 ISBN 9780520291898; $29.95 pbk ISBN 9780520291904

Black Republicans and the Transformation of the GOP, by Joshua D. Farrington. Pennsylvania, Oct. 2016. $45.00 ISBN 9780812248524; $45.00 ebook ISBN 9780812293265

Ike’s Gamble: America’s Rise to Dominance in the Middle East, by Michael Doran; ed. by Robert Bender. Free Press, Oct. 2016. $28.00e ISBN 9781451697759; 14.99e ebook ISBN 9781451697858

The Long Game: The Greatness of the Obama Presidency, by Jonathan Chait; ed. by Geoff Shandler. HarperCollins, Nov. 2016e. $27.99e ISBN 9780062426970

Moderates: The Vital Center of American Politics, from the Founding to Today, by David S. Brown. North Carolina, Jan. 2017. $34.95 ISBN 9781469629230; $33.99 ebook ISBN 9781469629247

Nixon’s Back Channel to Moscow: Confidential Diplomacy and Détente, by Richard A. Moss. Kentucky, Jan. 2017. $45.00 ISBN 9780813167879; $45.00 ebook ISBN 9780813167886

Robert F. Kennedy and the 1968 Indiana Primary, by Ray E. Boomhower. Indiana, Jan. 2017. $21.00 pbk ISBN 9780253023780

Understanding How Women Vote: Gender Identity and Political Choices, by Kelly L. Winfrey. Praeger, Nov. 2016. $60.00 ISBN 9781440840302; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781440840319

Why I Left the Left: How the Liberal Movement Lost Its Way—and How It Can Find Its Way Back, by Alan Dershowitz; ed. by Adam Bellow. HarperCollins, Mar. 2017e. $24.99e ISBN 9780062569219; $19.99 ebook ISBN 9780062569233

Congress, Courts & Executive

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Political Communication, Media & Public Opinion

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Public Administration & Policy

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Industry, Business, Regulaton & Law

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International Economics & Trade

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Social Economics

Built for the Middle Class: Inequality in America’s Cities and Suburbs, by Lori Riverstone-Newell. Praeger, Jan. 2017. $48.00 ISBN 9781440851407; Price not yet set ebook ISBN 9781440851414

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Theory, History & Methodology

Beyond Conventional Economics: Selected Works of E. Ray Canterbery, by E. Ray Canterbery. World Scientific, Oct. 2016e. $178.00 ISBN 9789814704373

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