Fixing American Cybersecurity

Examining different approaches to cybersecurity, this week's review considers the value of public-private partnerships and the importance of taking "technical, economic, political, legal, and ethical dimensions" into account.

Fixing American Cybersecurity: Creating a Strategic Public-Private Partnership

ed. by Larry Clinton Georgetown University, 2023
296p bibl index, 9781647121495 $34.95, 9781647121501, 9781647121518

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical factors influencing people’s lives today. Absent the technical digital infrastructure functioning as designed, all vital parts of the economy are vulnerable. Unfortunately, however, systematic cyberattacks have exposed critical vulnerabilities in the digital infrastructure itself. This book offers an in-depth look at our cyber adversaries and their strategies. Clinton (Internet Security Alliance) has organized the 13 excellent chapters in two parts (many as coauthor) that explore ways to handle the growing cybersecurity problem. As the text makes clear, there are no simple solutions. Several chapters provide extensive discussions about the complexity of building secure devices and implementing effective standards. After reading this book, readers will understand that any successful cybersecurity initiative conducted on a national level needs to consider technical, economic, political, legal, and ethical dimensions, and that the ongoing progress in, for example, artificial intelligence (AI) or computing platforms creates asymmetries in the cybersecurity field that can be exploited. Given such complexities, contributing authors stress overall that public-private partnerships are the only way to move forward. Also, increasing educational efforts combined with market and business incentives should be a part of the strategy. The content of this volume is up-to-date throughout, and will provide an excellent overview for readers at all levels.

Summing Up: Highly recommended. All readers.
: J. Brzezinski, McHenry County College
Subject: Science & Technology – Information & Computer Science
Choice Issue: Oct 2023

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