Education for Environmental Protection: The Story and Resources (July 2016)

This essay first appeared in the July issue of Choice (volume 53 | issue 11).


Education is a key concept when it comes to environmental protection. Concern about the environment has always existed, but in recent decades it has grown exponentially. The resources on environmental education are growing accordingly. This essay identifies resources that are central to environmental education, and in so doing tells the story of the movement itself. With the exception of a few titles that provide important background information, the print resources discussed in this essay were published in 2000 or later. The essay also examines critical organizations and online resources. The essay is divided into three main sections: “Sustainable Development: The Global Ef…

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About the author:

Joseph Watras is a professor of foundations of education at the University of Dayton. After serving in the Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa, and in the Teacher Corps in Honolulu, Hawaii, he studied the history of education at The Ohio State University. Since receiving his doctorate, he has published several books and articles on the history and philosophy of education.