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Explore how institutions in higher education are uniting scholarship with community action and participation

Publicly engaged scholars : next-generation engagement and the future of higher education

ed. by Margaret A. Post et al Stylus Publishing, 2016
286p bibl index afp, 9781620362631 $95.00, 9781620362648 $35.00, 9781620362655 $95.00

public scholars book cover

This book offers visions of the intertwining of higher education institutions with their communities and the world at large in a time when academia is taking heat for its disconnection from the real issues surrounding it. Chapters provide the case for engagement and the history of the movement to connect scholarship with collaborative community action. The book offers specific models of engagement and collaboration and describes the political and social implications of institutional change for funding, focus, and academic support for engaged scholars in research schools. Further, the title includes scenarios and case studies of scholars and schools already engaged in activities that may well be the 21st-century models for higher education. Food for thought for those looking for “next” directions in higher education. Recommended for departmental chairs and administration in humanities, psychology, education, sociology, and the sciences.

Summing Up: Recommended: graduate students, researchers, and practitioners.
Reviewer: D. D. Bouchard, Crown College
Subject: Social & Behavioral Sciences – Education
Choice Issue: Oct 2017