An Editor’s Guide

Learn the beginning, middle, and end to writing and publishing research

An editor’s guide to writing and publishing science

Hochberg, Michael E. illustrations by Alex Cagan Oxford, 2019
253p bibl index, 9780198804789 $75.00, 9780198804796 $35.95, 9780191843051

As editor of Ecology Letters for 11 years, and having handled over 8,000 manuscripts, author Hochberg (French National Center for Scientific Research) knows something about publishing journal articles. This guide is his summary of advice as an editor, a researcher/writer, and instructor of a writing and publishing course for graduate students. While it is explicitly for publishing in science, the advice is widely applicable to academic publishing. With sections on preparation and prewriting, organization and writing, selection of publications, and the submission process, the book covers the entire process of writing and getting published. Two additional sections cover challenges and opportunities in science and publishing in the modern age: coverage addresses peer review, collaboration, and social media. The book is designed as a textbook for advanced undergraduates and up, in the physical and life sciences, but will be equally useful to the individual or independent researcher. A short list of recommended readings is included. This book would be a good complement to Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks, by Wendy Belcher CH, Sep’09, 47-0001. University libraries should acquire, as many users will want to consult it.

Summing Up: Essential. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty and professionals.
Reviewer: R. C. Hedreen, Southern Connecticut State University
Subject: Science & Technology
Choice Issue: Jul 2020