Webinar Wrap-Up: Discover how Skidmore College amplifies its special collections

Watch the recording, read audience questions, and learn more about sharing your own institution's collection on JSTOR

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On March 14th, Bruce Heterick, Senior Vice President of Open Collections & Infrastructure at JSTOR, part of nonprofit ITHAKA, and David Seiler, Head of Digital Projects and Collections at Skidmore College, presented on Skidmore’s partnership with JSTOR to widely and openly share its collections. This one-hour webinar, Academic insights: Discover how Skidmore College amplifies its special collections, provided background on the partnership and Skidmore’s collection management journey, including its transition to digitizing materials. Bruce shared his expertise on the inspiration behind JSTOR’s intent to platform and support institutions’ open collections globally and its discovery and reach thus far. David also discussed the long-term digital preservation of Skidmore’s materials, with Bruce displaying Skidmore’s increased usage and reach on the JSTOR platform and a behind-the-scenes look at JSTOR’s analytics.

It was an informative discussion that generated plenty of insightful questions and comments from our audience. You can watch the webinar in its entirety on YouTube, and read the live audience Q&A. We’ve included links to both below. Thank you to Bruce and David for taking the time to present on this topic! Learn more about sharing your collections on JSTOR.

Witness how Skidmore College’s special collections transcend paywalls, granting researchers open access to primary source materials alongside relevant scholarly content.

Audience Q&A with Bruce Heterick and David Seiler

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