The Socially-Distanced Academic Library: A Case Study Series of Best Practices During COVID-19

Sponsored by Taylor & Francis*

Taylor & Francis presents a special series of case studies called “The Socially Distanced Library.” In this series, five academic libraries describe how they implemented radical service and policy adjustments to nimbly respond to changes in higher education either hastened or provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic. In each case study, librarians discuss their unique challenge, outline their solutions, and reveal the results of their efforts—while looking ahead at longer-term opportunities for permanent workflow changes in a post-COVID world.

Capilano University Library Quickly Pivots From In-Person to Online Services. Access the case study here.

How Delaware State University’s William C. Jason Library Rolled Out Video Tutorials to Support Reference Services. Access the case study here.

How the Louis J. Blume Library at St. Mary’s University Supplemented Access with the Internet Archive. Access the case study here.

How Elon University’s Carol Grotnes Belk Library Maintained—and Grew—Its Campus Community. Access the case study here.

Chapman College’s Leatherby Libraries Ramp Up Marketing and Promotion. Access the case study here.

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The Socially-Distanced Library: Best Practices During and After COVID-19 Webinar
Watch Now! Our panelists will walk attendees through the case studies detailing the experiences of five unique libraries as they adjusted to their new working environments and which of those adjustments are being carried forward as long-term policies and strategies for a post-COVID world.

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