The Authority File Round-Up: September 2022

A quick overview of last month's episodes, in case you missed them

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Librarians, faculty, and students are all key stakeholders in the undergraduate workflow. However, a lack of collaboration among these groups can create obstacles to supporting student learning. Barriers to access and miscommunication provide additional stressors for students beginning university. How can stakeholders better communicate to support student needs? How can faculty and librarians partner for heightened student engagement? In what ways can librarians integrate within faculty workflows and adjust services to bolster scholarship?

Last month, a professor, student, librarian, and publisher discussed their recent research project on course reading lists. Our guests emphasized the importance of acknowledging each others’ unique needs and how collaboration can underpin engagement. The speakers also considered the impact of differing generational views and the lack of student preparedness, identifying both roadblocks and solutions to the undergraduate workflow.

Here’s a quick round-up of the episodes, in case you missed them. We hope you find the conversations gratifying, useful, and transformative. Thanks for listening!

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Understanding the Undergraduate Workflow

Last month, four guests joined The Authority File: Ian Snowley, Dean of Student Learning Development & University Librarian at the University of Lincoln; Jamie Wood, professor of History and Education at the University of Lincoln; Samantha Sharman, a student at the University of Lincoln; and Matt Hayes, Managing Director at Technology from SAGE. They detailed takeaways from their research project on the undergraduate workflow, underscoring the importance of communication among stakeholders, shifting student needs, and the evolution of library services. Further, they highlighted simple fixes to better assist students, like clearer signage, fixing broken links, and accounting for differing learning styles. Brought to you by SAGE Publishing.

Listen to episode one: Introducing the Research Project and Roles
Listen to episode two: The Student Perspective
Listen to episode three: Library and Faculty Partnerships
Listen to episode four: Bringing It All Together

Missed August’s episodes? We’ve got you covered.

Last month’s series explored the importance of ethics in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM), and its broader impacts on scholarly publishing and librarianship. Dr. Niklas Lidströmer, specialist physician, researcher, and co-editor of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, analyzed the role of AIM, surfacing questions of security and systemic bias. Further, Niklas unpacked the latest AIM advancements, the potential impacts of shared medical data, and how artificial intelligence can shape doctor-patient relationships. You can listen to the series here.

Next, Felicity Plester, Editorial Director for Humanities, and Tamsine O’Riordan, Editorial Director for Social Science, both at Palgrave Macmillan, detailed how the publisher supports diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives through recruitment, community engagement, and company policies. In addition, the speakers addressed the current peer review landscape, ongoing digital trends, and emerging topics in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). Tune in to the first episode here.

What’s Coming Up in October

We have two fantastic series this month. First up, Dr. Rebecca “Bek” Cooney, Chief Editor of the forthcoming Nature Mental Health, details the journal’s holistic approach toward well-being and the significance of reframing mental health as a human right. The series also provides an in-depth look at the wider publishing landscape and Nature Mental Health‘s inclusive editorial approach. You can listen to the first episode here

Our second series brings together J.A. Weingarten and Jason Camlot, editors of Unpacking the Personal Library: The Public and Private Life of BooksExamining the value of personal collections, our guests explore what happens when private collections enter public institutions and what physical objects can offer researchers. The speakers also address the impact of digitization, and what it means to find nothing in the archive. Click here to listen to the first episode.

You can find more episodes of the Authority File here on our websiteApple PodcastsSpotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Thanks for listening! See you next month.

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