The Authority File Round-Up – September 2021

A quick overview of last month's episodes, in case you missed them

Many expected September to usher in a return to the office, campus, or “normal.” While the Delta surge of the coronavirus this summer certainly delayed those plans, whatever happened to the hopes for a new normal? In the meantime, which pandemic policies—remote work, stricter public health rules, encouraged use of sick time—are likely to become permanent? Are organizations still motivated to restructure work and learning environments as more balanced, flexible, and equitable? Were they ever?

Last month, our guests unpacked the myth of the COVID-transformed workplace. They highlighted the differences between effective, structural change and temporary shifts, the unequal impacts of COVID-19 work policies, and higher education’s relationship with today’s newly emerging workforce.

Here’s a quick round-up of the conversation, in case you missed it. We hope you find the episodes informative, engaging, and spirited. Thanks for listening!

The Myth of the COVID-Transformed Workplace

Cynthia Clark of Bentley University, Gwendolyn Combs of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Hari Rajagopalan of Francis Marion University, and Rhonda Sharpe of the Women’s Institute for Science, Equity and Race discuss the narrative of the COVID-transformed workplace. Are we returning to pre-pandemic policies without necessary amendments to workplace culture? Brought to you by SAGE Publishing.

Episode one: Are Changes Long-lasting or Temporary?

  • Our speakers highlight the differences between the temporary shifts we’ve seen and substantial, long-lasting transformation within organizations. How can we identify the longevity of new practices? Listen to episode one here.

Episode two: How to Sustain Positive Initiatives

  • How essential is support from top-level management when introducing new policies? Why do organizations first need to identify DEI before implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives? Listen to episode two here.

Episode three: The Changing Role of Higher Education

  • How have parents’ expectations and employers’ demands influenced today’s curriculum? How has the pandemic exacerbated higher ed’s modern day identity crisis? Listen to episode three here.

Episode four: Unpacking Impact Disparity

  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of the virtual learning environment? How has digital readiness and the digital divide affected education? Why has technology access been the flashpoint to address societal inequities that have existed all along? Listen to episode four here.

Missed August’s episodes? We’ve got you covered.

Dr. Stella Tkatchova, a project manager in the European Space Industry, characterizes today’s space market. In the age of multi-billionaire space explorers, who are the major players? Which sectors of the space economy prove to be the most sustainable—and lucrative? Is space tourism a viable, profitable opportunity for entrepreneurs, or just a publicity stunt? Click here to listen to the series.

What’s Coming Up in September

Our two guests from Springer Nature share the publisher perspective on the path toward open science. Caroline Nevison, Director of Commercial Transition OA, and Dr. Ritu Dhand, Vice President Editorial Nature Journals, trace Springer Nature’s adoption of open research practices and its broader implications on the marketplace. You can find the first episode here.

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Thanks for listening! See you next month.

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