The Authority File Round-Up: March 2024

Last month's series offered insights on the e-resources ecosystem and how vendor clauses have evolved to address AI

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Conversations about the lifecycle of scholarly communication

How has collection acquisition evolved in an age of AI and digital transformation? Nathan Rupp of Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies shared insights in last month’s TAF series, providing an overview of the current digital collections landscape. Nathan walked through the e-resources ecosystem, revealing the importance of coordination between library departments and ensuring accessibility. Nathan also covered marketplace trends including vendor consolidation, how AI products are beginning to appear in clauses and contracts, and the ways Purdue is approaching whole eBook lending.

Here’s a quick round-up of the episodes, in case you missed them. We hope you find the conversations timely, informative, and insightful. Thanks for listening!

March’s Series

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Centering on library collections and licensing, March’s series featured Nathan Rupp, Acquisitions & E-Resources Librarian at Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies. Nathan took us through today’s trends in content acquisition, explaining how institutions are beginning to license datasets and AI tools. Nathan also underlined differences between public and academic vendor platforms, what to look for when negotiating resource licenses, and the benefits—and drawbacks—of taking a digital-first approach. Brought to you by OverDrive Academic.

Listen to episode one: The Current Landscape of Digital Collections and Access
Listen to episode two: Navigating Vendor Platforms and the E-Resources Ecosystem

Listen to episode three: Evaluating Resource Licenses, Negotiations, and AI Clauses
Listen to episode four: Digital Preservation and Whole Ebook Lending at Purdue

What’s Coming Up in April

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First up, Dale Jacobs, English professor at the University of Windsor and author of On Comics and Grief, details the background behind his title and the comic book landscape during the 1970s. Dale underscores the benefits of applying a personal approach to academic scholarship, describing how he blends memories of his late mother with analysis of comics published in 1976. Dale also covers the multidisciplinary nature of comic book scholarship and how book history allowed him to consider how comics function as texts, objects, and sites of transaction. Listen to the first episode.

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Our second series focuses on a recent white paper published by Technology from Sage and Skilltype on upskilling opportunities in the library. The series explores librarians’ current skills and those they hope to gain, including insights on librarians’ confidence dealing with generative AI. Our speakers stress the importance of putting new skills to use and getting involved with large language models, along with the value of cultivating community among both patrons and fellow library workers. Listen to the first episode.

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Hungry for more episodes?

Listen to the latest episode of the Toward Inclusive Excellence Podcast: Dr. Martha S. Jones on Hard Histories at Hopkins and Committing to Knowledge.

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