Commemorating Pride Month: A Choice Round-Up

To celebrate Pride Month, we compiled Choice resources from the past year that delve into topics in queer theory, literature, history, and current issues. Selections include book reviews, podcast episodes, and more.

Commemorating Pride Month

In honor of Pride Month, we gathered Choice resources from the past year that highlight queer studies and topics concerning the LGBTQ+ community. These selections include deep-dives into trans healthcare, lesbian literature and history, an LGBTQ video game archive, and more. In addition, visit our multimedia blog Toward Inclusive Excellence, a dedicated resource on DEIA topics concerning those within and outside of the higher education community, for LGBTQIA+ Centered Content from TIE Blog. We hope you find these resources helpful to explore during Pride Month and throughout the year. Happy Pride!

Outstanding Academic Titles

Outstanding Academic Titles is Choice’s premier editorial franchise of the best titles of the year. Published each December, the list is separated into unique categories and previewed for collection development purposes or personal reading pleasure. These selections center queer health care, education, and more.

Outstanding Academic Titles 2022: LGBTQ+ Pride

2021 Outstanding Academic Titles: LGBTQ Studies

Ask an Archivist

Ask an Archivist is a monthly feature that explores the research and production behind compelling special collections through interviews with their curators, archivists, and directors. These two archives look at queer video games and digital history.

The LGBTQ Video Game Archive

LGBTQ Game Archive Main Page.
LGBTQ Game Archive Main Page.

Adrienne Shaw, founder of the LGBTQ Video Game Archive and Associate Professor at Temple University, provides background on the development and categorization of the collection and its mission to show that LGBTQ+ people have always been involved in gaming. Adrienne further underscores the importance of including queerly-read games and explains the difficulty of running a community-based archive. Read the interview with Adrienne Shaw.

The Queer Digital History Project

Cover of the TG Forum Compilation CD, originally sold in 1997.

Avery Dame-Griff, creator and curator of the Queer Digital History Project (QDHP), provides background on the genesis and development of the community-led collection. After compiling resources for his dissertation on trans digital communication, Avery decided to share his findings on an open website to increase their accessibility and use. Since its inception, Avery has grown the QDHP to encompass a unique breadth of early LGBTQ online spaces like chat forums and Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes). In this conversation, Avery discusses the challenges of managing an entirely digital archive, the richness of pre-2010 queer online communities, and how archives like these contribute to queer scholarship—and the safeguarding of LGBTQ+ rights, which continue to face political attack in the US and abroad. Read the interview with Avery Dame-Griff.

Review of the Week

Each week Choice highlights a review that addresses a topical issue, event, or holiday—or simply, a review we believe deserves more attention. These picks highlight topics like trans medicine, queer theory, and intersectionality.

The Authority File Podcast

The Authority File provides insight on the academic library market through conversations with innovative and influential vendors, authors of insightful books, librarians who are transforming their field, and academics whose research is laying the groundwork for the future. This series discusses the import of queer archives.

The Impact of Primary Sources on Lesbian Literature and History: The Evolution and Significance of Queer Archives

Rachel Friars headshot. Bright yellow background. Woman with short hair, glasses, and maroon turtleneck.

Rachel Friars, a PhD student in the Department of English Language and Literature at Queen’s University, digs into her approach and the evolution of her work with primary sources. Rachel explains how the diaries of Anne Lister—a 19th-century lesbian diarist, traveler, and landowner—became archived and widely digitized, narrowly escaping becoming lost in history. Our guest closes with thoughts on why archives are so important in researching queer history. As she notes, “When you search for queer lives in the past, you’re demanding a political presence, you’re demanding a social and archival and historical presence that is extremely necessary for, as I said, the survival and connection of the past and the survival and connection of the present.” Listen to the episode.

Forthcoming Academic Titles

Forthcoming Academic Titles feature monthly lists of upcoming releases in various subjects. These two lists highlight women and gender studies.

Forthcoming Women’s & Gender Studies, 2023

Forthcoming Titles in Women’s & Gender Studies, 2022

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