Celebrating 300 Episodes of The Authority File: Library Tech—Video, AI, Cybersecurity, Oh My!

Today's list features past episodes on the latest trends in library technology

To celebrate The Authority File reaching 300 episodes, the Choice team put together several lists highlighting key episodes and topics. Today we dig into new trends and the latest innovations in library technology—artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital innovations, and more. Enjoy!

Protecting Patron Privacy book cover. Dark blue background with data chip squiggles. Book title and editor names in white.

Episode 7: Protecting Patron Privacy: Library Ethics and Why Not All Data Is Equal

We discuss the ethical considerations libraries must face when they begin to formalize their missions around patron privacy. While patrons are encouraged to use resources as they see fit, it’s actually the library’s responsibility to help them understand and manage their privacy implications. Read more and listen here.

Episode 30: Video in Contemporary Higher Education: Blended Classes, Flipped Classes, and Video Impact

What do we know about students’ learning comprehension and video use? What do students say about their desire to interact with video in different types of learning environments? How are learners—from kindergarten students all the way up through adults—actually learning from videos, and how might video producers increase engagement with the videos being used in varied learning environments? Read more and listen here.

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Episode 204: Understanding & Implementing Cybersecurity: Cyber Protection for a Lay Audience

What steps do you take to safeguard your digital information? Maybe you change your passwords every other month. Turn on two-factor authentication. Keep your Netflix log-in under lock and key. But what about at your workplace? How does your campus protect its information, and what role do you play in successful cybersecurity implementation? Read more and listen here.

Episode 47: Big Data: The Library and Big Data

We focus on the library’s role with not only services and instruction, but how big data impacts collection practices and how it’s altering the relationships between libraries and vendors. Fundamentally, a library’s broader strategy for supporting big data research starts with the reference interview and grows from there. Read more and listen here.

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Niklas Lidströmer headshot. Niklas has brown hair and wears a light blue collared shirt. He's holding up the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine volumes, which have dark blue covers with white text.

Episode 269: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) & Ethics: Introductions and AI Scene-Setting

Over a decade ago, specialist physician and researcher Dr. Niklas Lidströmer found electronic health records to be unorganized, error-prone, and underutilized. Convinced of the value in sifting through and connecting this medical data, Niklas tried to persuade stakeholders of the data’s efficacy, eventually leading to his work in artificial intelligence—a practical tool that could handle sorting through mass amounts of data. Read more and listen here.

Episode 258: Spotlighting Academic Library Innovation: The LibVoices Podcast

Academic librarianship demands innovation. Indeed, academic librarians must remain flexible and creative to keep up with the latest publishing trends, adjust to new mediums, and better serve the ever-changing needs of the modern patron. What initiatives have librarians introduced to better engage the community, connect with students, or advance institutional goals? Read more and listen here.

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