Case Study Series: Best Practices for Optimizing Resource Access to Improve Discoverability at Academic Libraries

As scholarly content continues to expand in volume and format (digital, print, OA, video, etc.), discovery services and tools in academic libraries remain a crucial part of the patron experience.

With the intent to help improve discoverability at academic libraries, Taylor & Francis created the series “Improving Discoverability at Academic Libraries: A Case Study Series of Best Practices for Optimizing Resource Access”, to address why these new implementations have become necessary, how they’re being deployed, and what the results have been.

In this series, two academic libraries, St. Mary’s University Library and USC Libraries describe how they made targeted improvements to collection discoverability and access.

St. Mary’s University Library Undergoes a Massive Catalog Clean-Up Project to Improve Discoverability

USC Libraries Boost Access and Discoverability Via Browser-Based App

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