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Choice is a publishing unit of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association.

Choice supports the work and professional development of academic librarians by providing tools and services that help them become more effective advocates for their patrons.  Through its over-fifty-year history, it has established itself as an authoritative source for the evaluation of scholarly resources and as the publisher of trusted research in areas of interest to a changing academic library community.  Today, Choice works to bring librarians, scholars, publishers, and the reading public together, facilitating a shared concern for the discovery, management, and preservation of scholarly information.

Our webinars, podcasts, white papers, bibliographic essays, and digital publications help librarians strengthen their skills and further their careers.

Why Choice?

Since its founding in 1964, Choice has led the industry in high-quality evaluations of nonfiction academic writing. Choice Reviews and its print companion, Choice magazine, are invaluable sources of bibliographic reference and recommendation for both collection development and individual research. Choice Reviews and Choice publish 4,200 new reviews annually, contain over 200,000 reviews of academic monographs, and serve 2,400 institutions worldwide.

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Explore what we have to offer

Using Choice products, librarians can build personalized collections that best meet their professional needs.


Keep abreast of trends and best practices in librarianship and academic publishing through Choice-produced podcasts and webinars.

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Choice produces regular feature content that examines trends and best practices across the academic library market, such as its popular “Ask an Archivist” interview series, the annual U.S. College Book Price Information study, and the University Press Forum.

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Choice Picks

Delve into an array of Choice lists! You’ll find Outstanding Academic Title winners, editor selected options, and bestselling titles,

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Case studies, reports and white papers, researched by Choice and written by industry experts.

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Choice reviews identify worthwhile academic resources, helping librarians make better recommendations. Our print and online products serve up our reviews in a manner most useful to your institution.

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The Open Stacks is a moderated blog published by Choice. In it, we bring together a community of librarians, scholars, publishers, and others to discuss issues in contemporary academic librarianship and the interface between the library and society at large.

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For Reviewers

Interested in becoming a reviewer for Choice? Click here for more information on how to apply and general guidelines for writing and contributing reviews.

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For Publishers

Choice has an extensive set of guidelines for submitting titles for review. Click here to learn more about the kinds of scholarly research we review, the kinds we don’t, and how and where to submit your titles.

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Our Team

Click here for contact information and to learn more about the hard-working Choice team!

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